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Winter Circuits Workout

5 Feb

Do this in between Wii-Fit days to avoid boredom.

A certain amt of reps of each activity, repeated in a series until the pre-considered time limit is up.

Pick from:

-jumping jacks


-butt kicks

-lunges +/- holding wt.

-push ups +/- elevated feet

-pseudo jump rope

-high knees, quick feet

-treadmills (push up position, right leg bent toward chest, jump to left leg bent near chest and right leg in push up position)

-burpees +/- push up +/- pull up

Every-other activity:

-do bicep curls w/wt

-sit on edge of chair.  Rest elbow on knee.  Palm to ceiling, bring wt toward shoulder, then back parallel to floor

-chest press (lie on back, push wt up toward ceiling)

-ft shoulder width apart hold wt while simulating sitting in a chair


-wall sit +/- holding weights.

For the rest periods in between all activities (not to exceed rep # of other activities):


-upper ab sit ups

-side crunchies

-cycling sit-ups

Repeat the circuit 4 times.