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Flurry of Disorganized Thoughts Scratch That–>Panic

6 Feb

Oh Rusty, you beautiful bastard–why must anything on you require time/maintenance/work/money?

4-16-11 my new car

Why is it so Earth-shattering when something (even minute) goes wrong with the car? Answer–because transportation to work and school is imperative.  And continuous.  And there is NO time or money to deal.

Rusty’s right blinker started clicking fast. For only ONE day, before buzzing and not working at all. Thanks Isuzu for the ample time to get a new bulb and replace it.  To avoid a scene, I went to the auto parts store immediately after work.

How to change the bulb now? That IS the question!  And it sounds like a stupid one.  Until you get out there with a screw driver and hear the groaning of the firmly held cover over where I think the blinker is located (based on it’s functional twin).

Manual doesn’t say. Why not?  Is it really so simple, they had no need to write it out?  And if so–why don’t I understand?  Do I pry off the red rear cover–or will that break it? And when I looked online no one said it there either.

But.  EVERYone and their brother was saying how their blinker started to buzz, and they replaced the bulb with no results. Checking the fuses and connections yielded nothing. Putting on flashers made the turn-signals work for a week only. Spraying cleaning something (no one said what exactly? or where) into the steering column helped temporarily. Taking off the steering column, taking apart something or other, showed a faulty configuration, which was expensive to fix. Between $65 and $250 from the forums. . .

So now b/c my turn-signal is buzzing I’m in a panic that I won’t be able to fix it and this will cost a lot of time and money. . .  And I should be in bed or studying, but now I’m totally worried that something is seriously wrong with my signals/lights/fuses/steering wheel connection thingy and I have to work all day Friday, half day Saturday, and day Monday and what should I do and does it warrant trading study time for and would I have the money anyway?  Welcome to my mind.  One tiny fractional amount of many worries. . .