I’m Goin’ In. . . Oh Boy.

10 Feb

Well, as I feared Rusty’s problems are not simple.  After taking 3 pieces of days, I finally got into the tail light casing.

Day 1:  Struggle.  Freak out after trying to get help on internet.

Day 2:  Those deep holes on the right actually hold a screw.  Hmm.

Day 3:  And you have to remove the 2 top screws AND the 2 bottom ones.

Night 3:  Then, the plastic does wedge out once the whole apparatus is dangling from the back by fuse wires.  The bulb is changed from the front.

= Complicated.

uphill battleAnyway, my tail light bulb was not black.  Not good news.  The new bulb twisted in and the problem persisted.  *groan*  If something unlucky is going to happen it’s gonna happen to me.  That leaves me with one option:  Find a trustworthy, inexpensive mechanic that can work with my hectic schedule.  Ha!

Uh oh.  Trouble.  I’m not certain that is possible.  So today, (per the Isuzuuphill rd forums) I’m going to attempt to remove the steering column and clean the turn signal switch contacts.  I have no idea how to do such things, but I guess that’s what the internet is for. . .  Hopefully, they are just dirty and not all corroded.  And hopefully, I don’t mess something up worse by trying to fix the problem.

Wish me luck, people.  I’ll need it!

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