“Clean House” Motivation

17 Feb

Sure it’s cheesy, and it’s superficial, but why do I love it so much?

Projects I am now motivated to accomplish:

Laurel's pics 778-gather my college/LGBT/concert tees I don’t wear and have them made into quilts that I know I will use.

-rifle through all clothes/movies/books/games/computer games/chochkies and get rid of some

-organize a yard sale in Aunt Linda’s yard

-deep clean the inside and outside of Rusty and YogiRusty Rodeo 1

Make an oil and a vinagar pretty out of old alcohol bottles.

-Turn linolium in dining room upside-down

-put jackets in rubber-maid & put on closet shelf

-turn muscle shirts into something better

DisasTER-finish paintings

-go through cat stuff & organize

-get rid of shoes

-clean and organize art shelf


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