The Rusty Drama Unfolds-More

26 Feb

First of all–what a delay!  It may be the longest time ever between posts since I came to WordPress.  The reasons:  Well, I’m not exactly sure.  School?  Work?  Sleep schedule disruption?  I guess writing mysteriously moved down my priority list–not mindfully, of course.  Anyway, I’m back, and I will make a flurry of posts.  Here’s where we left off.

Rusty Rodeo 1

Rusty.  Namely, Rusty’s messed up right turn signal.  PS-Rusty has also temporarily been moved to the back-burner.  After this post.  And you’ll see why.  If you recall, I was about to get inside of Rusty to try to clean and fix Rusty’s turn signal myself.  It seemed this tick was common from all the internet message boards talking about it.  And the timing and money weren’t convenient at all, so I was going to take on the job.

Except, I started worrying.  What if when I took off the steering wheel, I accidentally set off the air bag?  I could hurt myself in the process, and I wasn’t sure if Rusty would drive at all if the airbag  was engaged–and that would mean REAL trouble for my schedule.  So I decided to take Rusty in.  Just for a quick fix.  And I figured it would be quick–I already knew the problem, and didn’t deem it all that complicated.  Especially for professionals.  And because of time–and aversion to making phone calls, I did NOT call around to price shop as I should have.  I simply picked the highest rated (per Yelp), closest place with the best hours.

Trusty Rusty- Day 1

To simplify the story (a little) here’s my resultant Yelp review:

Car troubles and repairs aside–very sketchy service.

Firstly, I made the appointment online, which I loved. I gave all my info, described my car, and stated the problem. Except when I went in the day of my appointment it was like they hadn’t ever seen my online appointment and I had to start from scratch.

Secondly, I dropped my car off no later then 7:30 AM, after making that online appointment, and seemed to be the only (and first) customer of the day. I didn’t receive a call about the initial diagnostic until 10:30 AM. Seems like a long time for a small problem (right turn signal wasn’t working).

Thirdly, when I went in to pick up my car (40 min AFTER they called) no one was at the counter and no one answered the buzzer. After standing, unattended, I opened the front door again so the buzzer would signal my arrival a second time. The front desk guy came up from the back and said (UN-apologetically) that my remote-start/alarm wouldn’t start. THAT was not what I brought my car in for, and it had not previously been dysfunctional. He asked if there was some trick to getting it to start and informed me it might be 10 more minutes. Then, I stood at the counter for 15-20 min. While I did, another gal came in. No one came to wait on her. A mechanic came in the front door, saw 3 people (me, my mate, and the gal) standing in the lobby, walked through to the back without acknowledging us. The three of us waited a few more minutes. The mechanic walked back through with some paper-work without acknowledged anyone again. The other lady just left after no one had even noticed she came in. Anyway, when all the parts of my car were functioning the way they were when I brought my car in, the guy working the counter gave me some lengthy song and dance about how my remote start was installed wrong and that’s why they couldn’t figure it out. . .

In regards to my car trouble–after being quoted $600-some to replace my turn signal switch, I called a few other places–who quoted me exactly HALF of that. Also, I was put off that when I was told the problem, he tried to tell me a bulb was also out–which I knew to be untrue because I just replaced both bulbs THIS week, and my emergency flashers worked, showing all bulbs were fine. And he tried to talk me out of purchasing the part myself, because it would be “untrustworthy.” Well someone definitely was. . .

And finally, after all my troubles, this place not only charged me $53 for a long, long diagnostic and delivery of bad news, they had the audacity to say, “We keep our prices low for everyone” when I inquired if they offer a Triple-A discount. Save yourself headache, time, and money and don’t go here!

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