This is Why I Won’t be Going to Grad School HERE

27 Feb

I can’t stand the mentality of any of my professors.  And because it’s ALL of them to one extent or another, I really evaluated myself, to see if I was the problem.  But this strife is recent.  And I’m pulling better grades then ever, so you would think the staff would like me MORE.  And I didn’t have a problem at Mizzou.  Most of my Animal Science profs were good ‘ol boys, which obviously I don’t really fit into their club, but they were friendly with me.  And the other departments at Mizzou had your typical liberal profs and instructors  and they were OK.  So I thought maybe the niceness was a mid-western benefit.  But no, that’s not true either–all of my UNR professors were cordial.  I wouldn’t categorize them as overly friendly, but they were helpful if you had a question.  And they seemed to care.

I can’t stand this one bitch in particular at Riverpoint.  And I’ve already had her for two semesters now.  Her tone sucks, she asks for participation, then gets snarly when you offer it, and she’s completely dismissive over e-mail.  So I thought maybe she feels like I’m questioning or challenging her.  There’s this one (flaky) girl in my class that the prof seems to genuinely like.  So I thought I should try to change my tactics from serious and earnest to light-hearted and slightly more playful.

For the most recent example.  We have to turn in chapter outlines to ensure we are reading the text.  And I always, outline the text for EVERY class, just to keep my mind focused.  But I do it in hand-writing because I’m not always reading at home, in proximity to my computer.  So for this kindergarten assignment, I am having to re-type what I’ve already outlined, just to turn it in.  That’s some background info for my e-mail–even though it’s pretty self-explanatory when you read it.  Also, this is the first time this semester (and third total) I have ever e-mailed this gal.  I tried to keep it light, and wrote:

Can we turn in hand-written outlines?

Here’s why you should say yes:
1.  Every time I read for every class, I outline the material to keep my mind focused and get down the important points.  Since I am reading wherever I happen to be at the time, these are not typed.
2.  After that, I make study sheets with the MOST important info, then make flashcards of definitions and lists.  I look at those walking from place to place, prior to class, while I’m getting my hair cut, etc., etc. . .
3.  Because I am taking the time to hunt-&-peck (not optimal, but that’s how I roll) my first outline into a format I can turn in, I no longer have the time to make the study sheets and flashcards that really help me study.  
So typing up an outline for turning-in purposes is actually taking away from my studying.  And the typed versions are scaled down a lot!  Thirdly, I never look at the typed version again, preferring my original, fleshed out hand-written ones.
So it would be helpful to me if we could turn in hand-written outlines.  You could still confirm we read, and I can have time to do my other studying tactics.  
Thanks for your consideration!
And her (probably inevitable) response:
While I appreciate your comments, this is a professional program and nothing is turned in handwritten except an in-class test.  I am not the only one to ask for typed work.  You need to turn in a typed copy and then you can have your own copy and take notes on that one in class.  That’s what several students have done and it seems to be working.
This response made me disgruntled and frustrated and worst of all made me feel icky inside, like some sort of college-impostor/loser.  And don’t get me wrong it wasn’t the no-answer I received.  When I wrote, I figured the answer would be no.  But I also figured if I didn’t even try, the answer would definitely be no.  And in the best case scenario the answer would be yes–saving me a lot of time.  And allowing me to prepare for class in the way I want/need to prepare.
It was the way the no was said.  Maybe I’m reading into based on past experiences, but I find this off-putting.  So she is saying I suck, other students are handling this just fine, and I’m not being professional.  Also, typing is not a high expectation and it will be in my future so deal.
As Cool said, this bitch could have said the no in a much nicer way.  She had many tones she could have taken, many reasons she could have used to support the typing, and a lot nicer words in which to say it.  She could have said she understands where I’m coming from, but feels the need to police the class in a consistent manner.  She could have written that not everyone was already as prepared as I am, or that type is easier for her to grade.  Whatever, but it didn’t have to attack me as a student for even asking and insinuate I’m out-of-line.
And it was all I could do not to say that in a professional program an instructor would not have to hand-hold to get the class to read.  Students would read on their own accord or pay the price come exam time.  It was also all I could do not to call her out on her (continuously) hostile and disengaging tone with me.  I really had to stop myself from poking the bear and asking if she has a problem with ME.  But I didn’t because with a person like this, it would only serve to make my life worse.
So what have I learned???  I just can never talk to this bitch in any medium.  It infuriates me every single time, and accomplishes nothing else.  I just need to jump through her hoops, ignore her shitty tones, and get my As so I can get the F out of here and go somewhere where they treat me like a person.

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