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February Resolution Progress

28 Feb

split planetsWhat were my year goals again?  Maybe I should make a poster or sign or something so I’m confronted with what I want daily.  OK-THAT’S now a goal for March.  Well, from what I remember:


-This has gone well, but isn’t 100% yet.  I floss most nights, but if I’m tired plunk right into bed.  So I need to make sure to eat, then floss before I’m too tired to function–difficult on work days especially.  As an asside, I promise myself I will spend part of my tax refund on a dentist appointment.  I will make some pricing calls (lesson learned with Rusty) tomorrow.  My first call? $348 for 1st exam + manditory x-rays + routine cleaning.  Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!


-Better then average (and expected).  The big difference?  Not necessarily any amounts, but my Walla Faces tastingmentality.  I drank a couple times this month, but it was different.  It was moderated, adult, and a bonus, rather than a habit, lifestyle, or coping mechanism.  While in January I felt the loss of fun-times, and a great fatigue from total abstinence, February was easy-peasy.  OK, maybe not peasy, as there might have been a couple moments of temptation (day of emergency linear foreign object into a 70% of my grade midterm), but mostly good.  And I avoided habitual, coping temptation that particular day, by the way.  I even said no probably for the first time in my life to an opportunity to drink.  Proud!  Also, I feel more money and more time as a result.  Things are good in this area.


LL's 28th birth-month 076Not as great as January, but better than ever before even still.  And I’m urinating slightly less, I think.  Still, I don’t see many tangible benefits yet.  My eyes and lips and cuticles are still as dry as ever.  And I still get a bad headache if I DON’T drink boat-loads of water nowadays.  Or if I drink too much caffeine.  Which never happened to me before, and is a pain–especially at work.  Still cynical. . .


-OK, but could be MUCH better.  We are all-stars about going to the Grocery Outlet every-other-week without fail, and avoiding more expensive groceries during the week.  Also, we cook meals on days when both of us are home and awake.  On work days or when I’m alone, I’m horrible.  I will grab anything I can stuff in my gullet fast.  D+ on this goal.  Oh, and restaurants–WAAAY easier to avoid when there are ample groceries in the house.  But after an exam/A?  I still want to celebrate by eating out.  Which sometimes tempts me to drink.  And always causes us to spend more money.  So I need to find another test reward–what????


-Terrible, terrible, terrible F.  I literally did not do anything physical outside of work.  I did park farther away from class to insert some activity, but no walking/running/circuits/Wii Fit/Wii Sports were had in February.  None.  I need to make this a priority, and hopefully March will bring beautiful weather to make that easy.  I like to study flashcards while walking the trails and I love to run (once I’m out there, that is).

import 6-17-10 117


-Maybe we followed through on 1 massage this month.  It’s hard to get the room heated and get everything work and play related finished early before heading to bed.  When my bed-time is 6:30-8PM, it’s rough getting done with everything I need and want to do any earlier than that.  Also, Cool has been having a difficult time of bi-polar depression and especially irritability, which often makes her difficult to fawn upon.  Mostly, I have been trying to help her be responsible for and aware of her mental-illness.  She’s on a new med, and has an emergency cash fund for prescriptions so I’m sure things will get better for us soon.  On the plus side–NO anxiety from her and her job is going well, and she actually likes it.  So things are MUCH better than in the past.  Summer, summer for the weekly massage.  That’s what I’m hoping for now.


-I am saving it.  Except with Rusty, dentist, Sloppy, and winter clothes it makes things a little sloppy close updifficult.  But I’m really limiting unnecessary purchases.  And planning and phone calls will be made–though I HATE the phone.  HATE!  Also, we are very motivated to have a spring/summer yard sale to generate some extra income at the same time as getting rid of some items we don’t need.  And we are working on cleaning and purging a lot.


See you for another progress report at the end of March.