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4 Mar

I have all of these unfinished draft posts that I feel obligated to finish and publish before I write new things.  And I guess because I started them in a passionate moment, but waited to finish them to make them better–now I’m not feeling them so much.  And it’s a cycle–write when I’m passionate, but save it to improve upon, and make each post wait it’s turn until I finish the oldest draft a post that.  But then, I hardly post at all, because editing feels like WORK.  And I just want to write about what I want to at that moment.  So this post is all about how I’m just jotting a quick note of what I’m feeling NOW–unedited, and out of turn.  Deal.  That’s how I roll now.

Anyhow, I got an e-mail though a prof at school detailing all the March events going on at school andeaster eggs in this city.  And it made me so excited!  I never realized it before, but I love March.  Yeah, the weather is this weird in-between of some teasingly sunny days, but still cold temperature and the occasional (hateful) skiff of snow.  It’s mostly wet and yicky, with too short days, and a dreaded time change that makes everyone wake up even earlier than they are already.  I’m not.  I’m going to make 5 AM my new rising time, because doing 3 AM is insane.  And work is a jerkelstilskin, taking my early morning cleaning and preparation entirely for granted.  No more.  OK, I’m still going to go in at insane-o-clock, but for my own stress levels, not those thankless mofos.

wonderBut March is also LGBT diversity and remembrance  Women’s month and International Women’s Day, and the point where Easter, which is secretive celebrating of femininity, is nearing.  Reading all of those events just made me happy.  And made me want to celebrate accordingly.

But first, before any fun-times are had I have to prepare for the speech & hearing sciences exam and take Rusty to the mechanic.  *sigh*  But than it’s all about paying homage to the gays, the gals, and minorities-Yay!  All right–here I go.  I’m going to post this in the moment of passion without even reading over it one time–mistakes be damned!