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“There are Holes in Your Story”

6 Mar

Ugh–why is it so difficult to stand up for yourself, defend what you feel is right and appropriate, without crossing the line into disrespect, tactlessness, and immaturity?  It’s not like I go out looking for a fight everywhere I go.  On the contrary–I HATE confrontation.  It really makes me feel icky and ruins my whole day/week/month–depending on with who and how big of an impact it has on my life.  And I don’t want to be over-emotional and reactive, especially given my impending 30th birthday.  I want to be an adult about things and pick my battles.

It just seems sometimes like everyone is against me.  And it’s so hard to maintain an upbeat attitude–or just neutrality.  Work–you know THAT story.  School?  You’ve heard that too.  And now mechanics?  I feel like I should be able to SAY something if I’m getting cheated.  And I’m pretty certain that they looked at me (small, young, female, gay) and increased my price accordingly.

It’s no excuse, but I think the financial situation in this region leads a lot of people to act sketchy. Business owners take on more then they can handle well.  They may charge more.  They may cut corners.  And consumers don’t want to pay for service.  They complain no matter how awesome the work.  Everyone is emotionally charged, because money is tight for all.  Owners need customers to keep their business. Consumers do not have extra money to spend.  But I shouldn’t be the one left feeling bad.  Not this time.  This was not my doing.

I feel like I am within my rights to give a bad review on a review-site for bad service.  And I should be able to do it without the business owner giving me a lot of $hit about it.  I stand by my review.  But now I have doubts–SHOULD I have given a poor review for bad service?  Is my opinion valid about my experience?  After such a heated conversation–with an adult, business owner–well, I’m doubting ME.  That’s not right.  They were the jerks.  My opinions and memories of the event are valid and accurate.  I should not be the one feeling sorry.  And yet, the confrontation is tugging at my mind and making me feel awful.

And it kept me up and or restless all night, so I was exhausted all day.  And yet, I had my best Riverpoint–no probably best college class EVER today!  At least in the social realm of things.   But back to the a$$ and his horrid phone call 20 days after my review and visit–it impacted my productivity.  And THAT makes me crazy and angry that some Douche-bag had that far-reaching affect on me–when he and his business were in the wrong.

The final installment of the Rusty drama will be posted tomorrow.  Right now (7:15PM) I’m going to get some much needed sleep.