Called Out

12 Mar

File under: Oversensitive? Maybe. Within My Rights as a Student? Def.

bee 2

The scene: 100+ students sitting in the auditorium facing the stage waiting for class to commence. The instructor and 2 apparent guest speakers or people with announcements are on the stage. Quiet falls over the room, and the Prof soups up the power-point where our notes will be. All students are looking ahead to see where class will take us today.

Then my name (and mine alone) appears on the first slide. For ALL to see. And my Prof says, “If your name is on the screen please come to the front.” Everyone in class wonders what is going on and looks for the (one) person to stand up. . .

Well, I did not get on the stage for all to see. And I did not think the episode was appropriate–college or not. Turns out, the Overall website for the course, Canvas, (comperable to Web-CT, Blackboard, Angel, *insert fad college interface here*) didn’t recognize my e-mail. And the Prof thought I wasn’t enrolled in Canvas. Which I have been–in both my classes for the record. He had already chastised me and 3 others to change our default e-mail to the school address (which I did). Then, he sent a halting response to an unrelated e-mail question, barking that Canvas was a course requirement. But I AM on Canvas. And I changed the stupid e-mail even though I never check my school account. So I think he has a mind to shame me in front of the class about it.

I went up AFTER class, and another gal came up and said her grades weren’t getting posted on Canvas either. So turns out the mistake was HIS after all.

Anyway, I certainly did call HIM out on his unethical treatment towards me and told him he embarrassed me by writing my name only on the power-point and trying to call my on stage alone, in front of the entire class. And Cool thought I shouldn’t, but it really did bother me. Because that shouldn’t happen. . .

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