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Can’t I Just Receive a Package?!

20 Mar

True to my life’s experience I had a lot of trouble getting the package I ordered from Amazon.  I got a little-something when I ordered my Mom’s (really, super-late) birthday gift in order to get a better shipping price.  And well, because I wanted to.

The merch was split into 3 shipments:  1 to NV b/c it was for my mom, 1 came to my apt through the USPS, and the last was sent via FedEx.  My Mom’s arrived fastest.  Then, on March 8th I got the 1st of my two shipments in my mailbox.  The last–just never came.

Finally, a week after I expected it, I went to Amazon’s tracking page.  The first package was shown as delivered by USPS on March 8.  The second was shown as a FedEx SmartPost “in transit” with an expected date of delivery March 12.  It was March 19 when I looked.  Uh oh.  Trouble.

So I went to the FedEx page with the tracking number.  And it said “Delivery Exception.”  I didn’t know what that meant either.  I looked it up in their FAQ.  Apparently, this happens either when the buisiness they are trying to deliver to is closed.  I’m not a business, FYI.  It also happens if you ignore 3 notices of delivery attempts.

Except, Someone is always AT my apartment.  Because Cool works nights so is here all day.  And I’m here at night.  And to our knowledge, no one had even knocked on the door.  And we certainly didn’t have even one slip notifying us of a missed delivery attempt–let alone 3.  So I had to call FedEx.

They said they dropped the package off at my local post office since no one had been home to receive the delivery   Which post office?  They didn’t know–get out the phone book and call around, I was told.  Ummm. . .

Next up:  Why I am writing complaints to FedEx, Amazon, and the USPS.