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More Inappropriate Service

21 Mar

Why does this stuff always happen to me?!

throw trash away picThe gal finally conceded that FedEx SmartPost does not actually bring the package all the way to your address.  They merely transport it to your town/city and hand it off to the USPS.  And she’s been taking a LOT of calls from confused and unhappy people about the SmartPost service.  So let her explain the procedure of SmartPost so you can stop complaining, b/c this is the wave of the future, and you’re just ignorant–not unhappy.

And no one informs you of that prior to you just not getting what you ordered, then tracking it, then making phone calls.  And no one knows which post office exactly.  And there is no way for SmartPost to follow-through at ALL.  And no they have no official channel to complain.

But the service is reduced price–and you get what you pay for.  Plus ALL the big internet companies are using it.  If you didn’t want a hassle you should have chosen a more expensive shipping method.

I called the post office and they gave me a different location based on my zip code.  This location said my package was being held because the address was wrong.  And again, no one bothered to contact me (or Amazon) saying there was any confusion.

What?  You had the exact same address on both portions of the shipment because it was part of the GarbageSAME order?  And you received the other half, with the same address on it a week ago?  Let me transfer you.

Then some guy at the warehouse gets your 20-digit tracking numer and finds your parcel right away.  And reads off your correct address. . .  Oh, you want me to send it along?  Uh, yes that would be great if I could actually receive the package I ordered.