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School is like the Mile

26 Mar

You remember the time-achieving lap-by-lap mile strategy?

I need a more recent pic of myself running!

I need a more recent pic of myself running!

If not a quick refresher:  Lap 1 should be the fastest.  Your body is fresh and you are motivated.  You have to get out ahead to make up for later slowness.  Lap 2 need to be equal with the equal split-time of the ideal mile.  If you want to run the mile in say 12 min., each lap needs to be 3 min.  If you want to run it in 4 min, each lap needs to be 1 min.  Lap 2 is about hitting the split.  Lap 3 is the most difficult.  This is when the body tires, fatigue kicks in big time, your mind wants to quit.  This is the lap you need to push through and conjure mental focus.  It will be your slowest split.  Lap 4 you just need to kick, kick, kick.  Remember why you started running in the first place, and make this time count.  If you give in to your body and mind, there was no point in even starting this mile in the first place.  Sprint to the finish and finish hard!

Walking about-July 2012 038

School is much the same.  Except double the mental aspects and cut out the physical.  I start the semester fresh, overachieving  and really jumping out of the blocks.  I have read ahead, made flash cards, and fixed my schedule to maximize my time.  Then, the initial excitement wears off, the schedule becomes a familiar routine, and I chug along in my normal study activities.  Right before, during, and after Thanksgiving or Spring break, I am tired.  I’m done.  I feel overwhelmed.  I want to be doing fun things of my choosing instead of sleep, work, study, work, test, sleep over and over.  It’s the dreaded third lap.  But now I’m on lap 4, so it’s time to buckle down, push through pain and fatigue, and remember why I started in the first place. Finish hard to get a good grade.  And I know my mind can handle it, because I didn’t start these classes only to earn mediocre grades in them.  I have my goals and this is the time to remember them, focus on the future, and sprint.  I got this!