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In March–I Fell Apart

31 Mar

college what i really doI feel very disappointed in myself about my resolutions this last month.  I let them fall by the wayside for the most part.

I wasted money at restaurants.  I didn’t shop at the Grocery Outlet every other week.  I went to Starbucks.  All bad, bad, bad and money-sucking vortex.

I drank a few times throughout the month and it wasn’t crazy or excessive, but it was a let-down to myself none-the-less.  It just wasn’t as fun or rewarding as I had remembered and I was instantly regretful each time.

I didn’t really exercise any more then my daily routine required.  So I’m looking into a CraigsList treadmill.  Then, I can exercise in my jammies if I want to.  I could run WHILE studying.  Or while watching a show.  It will be a lot easier and non-weather dependent.

I DID go to the dentist, which I am very relieved about–no cavities!  It didn’t impoverish me either.  Overall good experience.

Why is it, my audience, that when I speak of massage I feel awkward?  As if YOU think it’s a Leslie Knopeeuphemism for adult-activity.  So let me clarify–when I say massage–I mean an actual rub.  Boundaries intact.  Anyway, it happened once (so far) in March.  Not good.

No reason that I can’t turn things around in April.  It’s a new month tomorrow!