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This Year I Will Achieve My Running Time Goals

14 Apr

A mile in under 6 min:

Each lap considered equal needs to be 90 sec or 1.5 min.

Using strategy, my first lap will be fastest, because I’ll be the freshest.

The 2nd lap needs to hit the split exactly, so 90 sec = 1.5 min

The 3rd can be the split + the difference I came under the split from the first lap.  It’s the MOST mentally challenging, so I really have to work on my head during this one.  I need to be 270 sec = 4.5 min in when this one is finished.

Then, the 4th lap I have to push myself to make the split, which will SEEM so difficult by that stage of fatigue and kick it in the end to get the 6 min mi.

800m in 120 sec = 2 min

400m sub-60 sec = sub 1 min

200m in 30 sec = half a min