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My Mom, the Best Teacher in the World

17 Apr

Auug NV Kidron pics 088Always has been.  And I find it easier to find motivation to write when mad or disgruntled.  So I may have easily painted the picture of my mom as crazy and portrayed our relationship as tenuous.  Which, we have our moments.  But I DO love her very much and think one of her very best attributes is her professional success.  Even in times we don’t see eye-to-eye (which may be more often then not) I could not say anything bad about my mom’s teaching.  Oh, and if you’re thinking–well then why is this blog FULL of grammatical mistakes?  My mom would hate that–and did teach me the value of editing.  So not her fault.  P.S.  don’t talk smack about my blog, fickle reader, you!  Anyhow, there is only good in that school realm of my mom’s life.  So a long-delayed post on a wonderful teacher–the very best–my mom:

Partially, because she has a passion for it. Partly because she has educated herself to the hilt on how to do it well. A little because she goes above and beyond, not frequently, but ALWAYS. And mostly, because she puts in the time–the majority of the time in her life.

“School comes first” was the mantra at my house.  My dad worked hard at his custodial job, often covering the slack of the maintenance man who was paid more.  I was taught to put in my best effort toward classes and extra-curriculars.  And my mom breathed school.  Even on weekends and breaks she was always correcting papers, trying out a new manipulative, designing a bulletin board, doing administrative tasks such as the duty schedule, or sharing information with her colleagues.  That’s what makes her great too–her willingness to jump into every aspect of the job, help others, and give a part herself to everyone–credited or not.  Mostly not.

2013 is her 32nd year of teaching. She still loves it. When will she retire, you ask. Quote: “They will Auug NV Kidron pics 033bury me in my classroom.” That’s love, and THAT’S passion.  She loves teaching.  My mom wants her students to succeed academically and personally.  She truly cares.

She has her Masters degree in integration of the arts, which is making icky, boring math into art projects and cooking and fun. You don’t even realize you are DOING math. And it’s not all just free-time and fun and games–those kids are really learning.  Her class test scores are awesome.

my_dbay_roomShe worked to get Nationally Board Certification. And I take it that is no easy feat. And yet, any title or accolade, though appreciated, is not the reason my mom does what she does. She goes the extra mile because teaching fulfills her.

I learned my work ethic from my parents. One of my favorite attributes in myself is that extreme dedication, and I thank both my parents for that.  To my mom, the best teacher ever 🙂