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Sleepless in. . . Boise

28 May

Here is a quick update of my legit 3 day weekend:

1. House-sit. Awoken by dog at 3:45AM to pee outside (the dog, not me). Go to Forester Friday for next 12 hours.

2. House-sit. Awoken by dog at 3:30AM to play fetch.

garden 2 edit3. Drive 7 hours to Boise to meet parents halfway to pick up my beautiful maine coon buddy!

4. Arrive in Boise having forgotten everything cat-related. No food, litterbox, bed. . .

5. Eat dinner and sleep from 8-10PM Saturday night.

6. Awaken to a hollering maine coon buddy who is coming off drugs and confused about where he is.

7. In an attempt not to wake up my 3 snoring roommates, the neighbors, and everybody in the city of Boise, I bring the fluffy-britches into bed with me. He tries to jump up for the next 2.5 hours so I have to restrain him.

8. At 12:45AM, the buddy is off his drugs and I can no longer keep him in the bed. I decide to give fe-lionhim another pill, hoping to sedate him and get some sleep.

9. On drugs, Goose gets stressed and yowls, waking the 3 people in my room, and probably the neighbors.  I am certain, despite being exhausted, we are going to have to take the cat and start driving the 7 hours home immediately.

10. He remains talkative and inconsolable until my parents travel halfway across the city at 3AM to buy him food and us caffeine.

11.  Grampe was correct–Goose was very hungry and settled down after a meal.  I slept from 5-7AM.

12.  Wanting to have a little fun with my parents (we hadn’t seen mom since 2010 and only saw dad briefly at a funeral last year) we got ready to go out on the town.

Boise--May 2013 01813.  On very little sleep, the 4 of us went to the zoo (wonderful!) and the Old Idaho Penitentiary (interesting!) then to the Spaghetti Factory for “lupper.” I was about to collapse from tiredness.Boise--May 2013 087

14.  We went to bed at 8PM, and sleep was punctuated by restless parents, and a meowing unsettled cat.

15.  At 3AM, my dad tried to get us up to go, and was convinced by mom that it was not quite time.

16.  At 4AM, it was time to get up and shower.

17.  We were in Oregon (and their stupid slow speed limits and weird not-self serve gas pumps) by 7AM.

18.  And home by noon.

19.  Then, we went to bed for the night at 5:30PM and I work up at 5AM.  A record, I’m sure!

20.  But all my cats live in ONE state now and I’m so happy about that.  Plus, it was a really great trip with my parents.  And now it’s time to grocery shop and it’s back to house-sitting for the next 7-8 days. . .

Camping. . . At Home

23 May

When you can’t take a proper vacation, you have to make your own fun.  And this summer, that is what I’m determined to do.  Aside from spa weekend, we will have a future at-home music festival, and some geography-theme by Cool.  Here is what we did during in-apartment camping weekend:

Sleep on the air mattress in the living room.

Eat shish-ka-bobs of steak, potato, pineapple, and red bell pepper.

Watch “The Great Outdoors” with John Candy and Dan Akroid.

Eat oven banana boats (hershey bars are better than chocolate chips, marshmallows, add coconut flakes).

Stay up late.

Eat microwave s’mores.

We should have watched “Blair Witch” or something scary in the wilderness.

And un-true to the camping theme, we showered during the weekend.

We also did not start a fire in the living room.  Though we did turn on the 3 lava lamps–which is almost the same 😉

In Livid Color

22 May

The basement at work was a mess!  A fucking mess–yeah, the f-word was warranted.

earthquake 1

I didn’t want to do it.  It was a horrid mess and dangerous and disorganized, and I knew I COULD do a great job with it.  But I also knew it would take time, be dirty, hard work, and everyone would be mad. Because everyone at my work (all vet hospitals everywhere?) hates change, and cleaning would mean moving things.  I also knew, whatever work I did would be immediately undone.  Undone by both people wanting the OLD way back, and by people haphazardly shoving things where they didn’t belong.  So I realized it would be a challenge and any benefits wouldn’t last.

So I left it alone for 3 years.  I wanted nothing to do with that tedious job when all the thanks I would get was anger over change, and then, the same ol’ mess.  But then, my boss was talking about having us clean it to be legit for OSHA.  And really, that’s important.  What if a cat got down there and was poisoned by Monsanto?  What if a co-worker was hurt by a sharp tool while trying to grab food?  It WAS a task that needed doing.

And having to clean it as a group, during work hours, while being interrupted by clients, would be worse then just doing a good job of it during off hours by myself.  So I reluctantly volunteered to get it done before the business day started on Wednesdays when I’m there by myself cleaning anyway.  But I gave the disclaimer that I would have to move things, and I must be able to do it in grubby clothes as well as uninterrupted –over 3 or 4 Wednesdays.

My boss was amicable to those conditions (this was a job that really needed doing and of course nobody wanted to do it) so I jumped in whole-heartedly.  I figured if I was going to do it at all, I was going to do it RIGHT.  And I really did.  I was invested.

Honestly, I couldn’t have had a better attitude about the whole thing.  And I could not have worked harder, or done a better job.  I picked piles of random items off the dusty floor, organized piles of like items, scrutinized shelf-space to see where common items could be grouped together, and did heavy lifting and tedious organizing.  All of the chemicals went into rubbermaid boxes, all sharp objects into a lockable closet.  The basement slowly transformed from a dangerous vortex of chemicals and lost things and unknown garbage, into a safe, functional, visually-appealing storage room.


The trouble came with the storage of Rx food.  You see, our receptionist tracks it, orders it, and sells a good majority of it.  And SHE is probably the most anti-change person at work.  But my work had the dumbest system in place for years.  The canned food was strewn around the basement, but the dry food was stored in the tiny isolation room upstairs.  Then, orders of dog food were set upon tables in the midst of the basement.  It was a real mess, and totally impractical–but I knew changing it would cause strife because that’s the way everyone was used to it.

But only thinking of functionality, order, and ease for EVERYone at work, I preceded to stack it nicely.  I moved the canned flats from a small shelf, a small side-mounted cupboard,  the bench, and a couple of side shelves to one larger set of shelves, where it could be in one easy to see location.  And this went over well with all staff.  Lovely surprise to me!

But then I had an extra empty shelf.  And I knew it would get cluttered with disorganized crap right away if I didn’t fill it.  So I thought–what can I put there?  And it came to me–it would really be ideal to have all the food in one place.  I’ll move the dry food from the top floor to the basement.  But there was a series of hoops to jump through:  The small shelves were fastened to the wall (2nd vet pried them off for me), the shelf upstairs was heavy (my boss carted it down the stairs with me), the shelf we just struggled to get downstairs wouldn’t fit down the basement stairs (3 people helped disassemble those shelves), those shelves were weird to put together (the book-keeper helped me re-build them), there was a large amount of dry food in stock to carry down 2 flights of stairs (3 of us hauled them over an hour).  Got all that?  So there was nothing easy about moving the dry food to the basement so all the food could be in one place.  AND everyone (except the receptionist) helped accomplish it.  But it would be easy, and worthwhile, and practical so it was all worth it.

I came in early to work on part 3 of the basement project (the side room containing Christmas decorations, I131 leftovers, and large yard items) and to my surprise half of the main room had been disassembled.  Similar items I had so carefully stacked off the floor were tossed to the floor randomly.  I’m sure if it had been any easier of a job, I would have come in to the dry food placed in its former locale.  The food looked much as it had before I touched it–with the addition of all the dry.  On the order of 6 groupings of items were moved out of probably hundreds, but it was an affront none-the-less.  They (the spoiled receptionist) had carelessly un-organized my work.  And I’m sure there had been a hissy fit about the changes I’d made.

They (namely, my boss, who ultimately controls all aspects of the hospital) let her move things back where they were.  Under the pretense there was no room for the new food.  Which I KNOW is B.S., because they also moved food I already found a place for, back to the middle.  I’m sure it was all about being change-averse.


Tears came to my eyes.  They had figuratively punched me in the stomach.  All of my hard work, it felt like, was compromised.  Why continue cleaning and organizing?  They were sure to hate it and ruin it anyway. . .  Then, the more I thought about it–the less sad I was and the madder I became.  WHY would they be so thankless about my working so hard to make all of our lives easier?  More importantly, why was this allowed?  I had to say something.  I had worked too hard to apologize for moving things.  I had gone too far, to let them selfishly destroy it.  This wasn’t right.

When my boss came in, I truthfully told her I almost cried when I saw the basement.  And true to form, she (hating confrontation and wanting everyone to like her) said she had nothing to do with it. And I told her she put me in a bad position then didn’t have the decency to protect me when the going got rough (receptionist temper-tantrum).  Then everyone made excuses that there wasn’t enough room.  Which they just may have believed.  Because vets don’t pay attention to details such as who is doing what work, or how big the food stock is normally.

And now they are buying another shelf.  Because they really think there was not enough room–when I know very well there are 3 empty shelves down there and isn’t it funny the tables are set up exactly as before?  Maybe I’ll learn one of these days not to put myself out there by doing anything extra, because I know where my boss’ allegiance lies–and they are not with me.

volcano 1

On the plus side when my boss “offered” me to work “some extra hours” translation:  Wanted me to work full-time over the summer for no full-time benefits, I had no problem saying an unequivocal no.  If I hadn’t been through the incident that morning I would have taken on extra hours I don’t want or need, out of pure guilt.  So there’s that. . .

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A Rosie Story

18 May

I need to re-pot an African Violet that Cool gifted me with.

This is easier said than done: My bigger pots are in storage in Nevada. I live at an apartment complex so have no yard to collect dirt. I also do not have rocks near my house.

So, I decide to collect rocks during my lunch break at work. But what to put them in? I’m afraid if I just put them in a bag or something some do-gooder will take them for trash and toss them. So I use an old Swiffer-Wet box. I go to write “rocks” then my initials at the top so everyone can see my plan, but without my brain’s involvement, my hand writes “Rosie.”

I thought that was sort of random and funny, and wondered where I got the name Rosie.

When I went outside to get the rocks it was raining. But more importantly, there were not really any rocks around. Being from Nevada, where there are rocks EVERYWHERE I still find this very difficult to believe. But luckily, the house next door was torn down recently and they left a huge hold with boulders around the edges.

NV rocks

I figured where there were boulders there must be smaller rocks too, so I walked to the edge of work’s driveway. And there were smaller rocks among the big ones. I picked up a copper-colored rock and plunked it in my container, I grabbed a brown rock and dropped it in, I grasped a gold. . .

No, not a rock. Rock picking is OVER! I grasped a gold piece of rained-upon poo along the side of the feline-exclusive driveway. With my bare hand. Not cool. Not awesome at all.  But wouldn’t it be funny if whatever animal that left the $hit was named Rosie?!

I went inside, I hope to re-pot the pretty flower, and after this much trouble, it had better live. The End.

Spa Weekend Deconstructed

16 May

After a traumatic first week of summer break, Cool and I needed some pampering and distraction.  We decided to unleash our second theme weekend–Spa at Home.  Here are the details for us to reference later:

-We pre-gamed at the Grocery Outlet, buying all their cheap masks and gloves and conditioning treatments.  As well as a boat-load of produce.  It was cheap!

-I would buy the produce differently next time:  Look up recipes first, then shop for the specific cut outingredients.  Because once we got a cucumber home, I didn’t really know what to do with it, didn’t have other items to mix with it, and had a time-crunch problem to find a use before it rotted.

-We did no cleaning, organizing, or work that weekend.  None.  This was difficult for me as I have a perpetual to-do list and it was looong.

-Picking out spiritual, healthful, cultured movies made the weekend more retreat-like.  We watched:  a documentary about Buddha, the biography of Beethoven, A food documentary about limiting mass produced phony, preservative-laced foods and increasing healthy stuff, and we watched a documentary  about being human that profiled two guys being homeless for a week, visiting a Leper colony, doing community service in South America, etc. . .  The movies really set a good tone for the weekend.

If You Can't Make It Here, You Can't Make It Anywhere-Scalps were massaged, facial masks were applied, we wanted to make a homemade backne mask (but settled on an old mud mask), a foot soak and pedicure were completed, and a relaxing deep massage was given and received.  A very good start, but next time we will do manicures and other procedures to flesh out the weekend.

-And of course we ate.  Smoothies, veggies, stir-fry, salads, and new recipes (including the best crepes of my life!) were attempted and consumed.  Avacado/coconut/kiwi smoothies need refining. . .

All in all, it was a success that we should try to improve upon in the future.  And a LOT cheaper than the real-deal.

Dead Giveaway

13 May

I guess this turned into a sort of rambling post.  But in the interest in establishing routines, I’m going to publish it.  I also cleaned for an hour (after being at work for 11 hours) and ran a mile on the treadmill–just because it was raining outside.  So here’s my effort to write.  Tomorrow will be higher quality work, but today is about making habits:

It’s a creepy feeling to receive e-mails from someone when you don’t think THAT person actually sent the message. It’s truly weird when the sender has been deceased for 10 months. . .

Laurel's pics 728

In other news, my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd (I was in Multi-Aged Group or MAG) grade teacher died last week. I’m sad I didn’t reach out to her more on Facebook, and I guess the word is disappointed I didn’t realize she was critically ill.

It’s also strange to think that I am now old enough that teachers and such are old enough to DIE. I mean, without an accident or some other incident that takes them too young. I’m old enough where people that impacted my life are getting old enough to go somewhat naturally.

Thirdly, Sloppy’s ashes and the necklace that contains part of her came back today. Family Pet Memorial does such quality work and is so compassionate! I felt really good about their turn-around, and did not hardly expect such a heavy discount for being an employee at one of the referring vet hospitals. But I was very, very thankful for it, as everything pet-related is adding up so quickly even with very substantial discounting from all sides. I appreciate all of it, and need to get on some thank you notes for sure.

I had empathy (sometimes) for people who couldn’t pay, (when they acted responsibly and weren’t over their heads, or actually couldn’t pay and it wasn’t just a priority issue) but this unexpected event has strengthened it.  I honestly, don’t know what real people do. . . I can see why people might get sticker-shock, have buyer’s remorse, or have to make tough decisions.  Kind of.  I do think good people work it out most times.  But it definitely can be hard.  Maybe I’m still undecided about this issue–it’s a case-by-case thing.

Lastly, I am very excited to reclaim my Goose without fear of eviction.  Though nervous about all of the logistics.

Should Have. . .

10 May

wisdom sx + tights 027Euthanasia is a difficult thing.  It’s hard to know if you’re making the right decision, and a responsibility I’m glad we have, but that can’t be taken lightly.  You just never KNOW when the right time comes.  I don’t want a buddy to suffer in any way, but I don’t want to jump the gun and disrespect life either.

That’s how it was with Sloppy.  She just suddenly got very ill and decisions had to be made.  You also second guess yourself about everything.

-Should I have taken her in for inappropriate urination immediately instead of putting it off until the end of the semester?  Even though she was notorious for peeing on things the whole time I knew her?

-Should I have given her a gratuitous lion cut?

-Maybe I should have put aside consideration for co-workers and MY job and just taken proper time to care for her more. . .  attentively (vitals, etc. . .) Monday at work.  Even though it was busy.

-Would a V/D x-ray have shown the impending congestive heart failure?  I only took a lateral to save time, and effort (for my co-workers), and supplies, and money.

-Should I have just left Sloppy at work Monday through Tuesday?  Even if it meant someone else would be left to clean her cage and take her vitals and treat her?

-If I hadn’t given her Buprenex on Tuesday for pain would I have noticed signs earlier?

-Did the pain medication cause Sloppy not to eat?  Would she have been OK if the opiates hadn’t put her in a 24 hour haze?

-Even though she finally settled down and seemed OK after a restless night Tuesday, should I have taken Sloppy to work with me Wednesday morning?

-I guess instead of trying to avoid going baaaack to work Wednesday and attempting to rinse the bladder by giving SQ fluids at home on Wednesday, anti-nausea medication, and trying to entice her to eat, I guess I should have taken her straight to work.

-If I had taken her in at 11 AM, instead of 2 PM, would the treatments relieved her symptoms instead of making them worse?

-Would I have seen signs of respiratory trouble if I had taken Sloppy home Wednesday night?  How long did she struggle before anyone came back to the building?  *Some things it’s better not to know*

-I woke up at 5:40 AM Thursday and thought about going in at 6:30 AM to clean and treat Sloppy–but didn’t because I thought it would confuse everyone (NO one reads, charts or records or the board) about what she did overnight, and besides, she might get treated twice.

-I thought about going in to clean and treat and maybe pick up Sloppy at 7:00 AM, but decided if I were scheduled to work, another person (or 2 b/c Cool would of course want to visit) in that small area would be more annoying then helpful, so opted not to.

-At 7:30 AM, I looked at the clock and thought about calling, but also knew everyone would have JUST gotten there and were probably trying to clean and take vitals and wouldn’t know anything yet anyway so a call would be bothering them.

-I should have taken my phone into the bedroom with me when I resumed closet-cleaning instead of leaving it by my laptop, because even though the volume was on 7, I never heard it when work tried to get a hold of me repeatedly.

Then, you never know when the end is.  I didn’t know what to do when I saw Sloppy’s distress.  best seat in the houseWhen you’re emotionally involved, it’s difficult to see clearly–without hope intruding upon logic.  The x-rays?  Suddenly cloudy.  The respiration were 90 outside the oxygen kennel and still 60 inside it.  Sloppy looked scared and uncomfortable.  But could Lasix bring her out of it?  She had JUST been fine.  I gave her vaccines just Monday.  She had been bright-eyed that day.  I never expected to have to make life-decisions by Thursday.  So I gave myself a parameter [Side-note:even though Sloppy has been Cool’s cat for the last 14 years and only mine for the last 4 years, she sort of defers to me as the expert.  Which I, in no way feel like.  Especially in a dire circumstance such as that.]  If the prognosis was poor or grave we would say our goodbyes.  If the vet said fair, we would do all things necessary, no matter the money or sleeplessness or time involved.  Options were presented:

-Should I have taken Sloppy to emergency that night?

-Should I have taken the O2 cage home and tried to let everything leave her system?

-Would she just turn a corner given more time (24-48 hours)?

-Or would she just suffer?

Christmas fun 022Finally, I asked the prognoses.  Poor in the short term and grave long term.  And I had my answer.  So then it fell upon me to make Cool understand, convince her the right choice to make, support her best I could, and give Sloppy as best of a last moment as possible.  But still, I had doubt.  It was difficult to keep to my initial parameter of prognosis to dictate what to do.  And I knew suspected (I know nothing definitively) I had played a part in the rapid down-turn, which made everything worse.

Bottom line is everyone was trying to help Sloppy.  And sure maybe some wrong choices were made.Sloppy doing the shirt  But it’s so easy to see them looking backward, already knowing the outcome now.  You re-think every decision you made and didn’t and it could really make a person crazy.  And what’s the point of that?  What’s done is done and Sloppy is gone anyway.  I just hope she realizes how much she was loved. . .  Sloppy-Joe, I love you and we miss you ❤

I Have Nothing to Say

8 May

But I looked at my pending drafts and wasn’t feeling them.  Also, I wanted to post something more reflective of my current mood than the post at the top:  Hopeful, motivated.

recovering from sx

Since school got out I have been striving to re-organize the apartment.  The ultimate goal is to rearrange the living room (plus weird “dining room” cove).  Sloppy needs her litter box, food, and water closer to her home-base–the electric throw blanket.  As she is going potty anywhere she sits, because of the long (unprotected) walk she must take across the room.  It’s not her fault, it’s mine.  I know she’s a hyper-handy, and scared of the baby and I put her stuff waaaay over there (out of my site) anyway.  It looks a lot better, but poo on the carpet doesn’t.  And as a lessor motivation, Cool has some serious cord chaos issues that need my touch.

BUT in order to rearrange, I have to get some things out of the living room.  We never really fit well into this 1 bedroom apartment, and have only accumulated more things since we got here.  So it is mission–get rid of things.  And organize what’s left.  And in order to do THAT I have to clean the towel closet.  But in order to do THAT, I have to get the clothes and camping and bags out of it.  And in order to do THAT I have to clean the coat closet.  But to accomplish THAT, I have to get the clothes, luggage, snow shovel(?), out of there.  So in order to do THAT I have to clean Cool’s closet and finally, the hugest job (I have the most clothes in the house), MY closet.  So to help Sloppy, I have to clean 4 closets, rearrange the bedroom, take things out of the living room/dinning room, and finally, move furniture in the living room.

cinderella cleaning

Got all that?  So I’m finished with 3.5 of 4 closets so far.  And of course, you can’t just organize–cleaning should be done while you go.  Note to self:  Never, never, never stick duct tape to glass while taping plastic and blankets to the single pane sliding glass door in the winter, because you will then have to stand there scraping it off millimeter by millimeter for a thousand hours.  Why did I EVER think that was a great idea in a rental?  Also, as a second note to self:  Do not volunteer to clean the crummy, 5 years of accumulation of crap that no one ever looks at, dusty, dirty, cluttered basement at work when you are in the midst of a huge spring cleaning project at home.  It will quickly wear you out and make you feel burned out and lazy.

So the process has been hard work!  But I’m still not ready to sit and study yet.  I am, however, past ready to go outside into the delayed, long-awaited summer weather and run and play.

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Discouraging Thoughts [+ all percentages from Riverpoint]

6 May

This from 2 (or so) weeks ago:

For some reason this morning I woke up wanting to be in Colorado already.  I don’t know why.  Nothing really happened.  Not the weather–that sucks everywhere.  Nothing at work or school.  No fight or strife.  There was no catalyst -I just woke up wanting to be somewhere else.  Which requires having a marketable skill aside from vet peon.  Which means getting in and through some upper-level school.

campus_rec UNC bears

So I go to the UNC page (which is NOT user-friendly) and try to find transfer information.  Or AuD or even SLP masters pre-reqs.  To no avail.  But I did see the AuD program is 2.33 years of course work then another 1.66 years of internships, externships, and teaching.  Four years feels like forever.  And that’s just WHEN I’m admitted to the program–I’m not even to that point yet.  And it’s 1.5-2 years before that even happens.  Every time I go to the CO AuD page, it makes this path I’m on seem so loooong, progress so slow, and ultimate degree feel so unlikely.

I will be 31 or 32 before I get out of Spokane.  Which I guess gives me time to save loads of money.  And I will be 33-34 before I get to step outside of the classroom.  And that puts me at mid-thirties before I even think about landing a job, and being a big girl.  Thinking about all those school loans accruing and the interest adding only makes things seem worse.

So I will focus on the positive:  For every semester I’m in school, I will get loans.  Which enable me to work veterinary hospitals PART time, which does make a huge difference in my morale.  I sort of get summers off when I am not in classes, but still only work part time.  And that’s nice.  And Even 6 or up to 8 years waiting for school is better than a life-time of veterinary assisting.  That makes less than a decade feel substantially shorter.

Besides, what would I be doing anyway, that I’m not doing now if I were in my stable career?  I like the sentiment that the time will pass either way.  So what’s the difference if I’m still struggling to get into a career?  There’s nothing in particular I want to do today.  So I guess I shouldn’t rush things or feel retarded in my progress.

I am working, the best I know how and the fastest my finances will allow.  I am getting the 4.0 I know I need and that makes me feel VERY hopeful.  I will do it right this time and play the game.  And these stats make me feel great:

Speech Disorders:  [A+]

Anatomy, Fall 2012:  98.76% [A+]

Language Development, Fall 2012:  97.45% [A+]

Language Impairment, Spring 2013:  96.3% [A+]

Speech Sciences, Spring 2013:  99.2% [A+]

Hearing and Hearing Disorders, Fall 2013:  97.5% [A+]

Aural Rehab, Fall 2013: [A+]

Audiometry, Spring 2014:  97.4% [A+]

Clinical Methods, Spring 2014:  101.4% [A+]

Phonetics, Fall 2014:  95.1% [A+] (before curve was applied)

Neuroanatomy, Fall 2014:  96.9% [A+]

In order from best to worst (excluding classes that didn’t utilize technology, because I don’t know my %):

clinical methods (lots of points opportunities)–>Speech and Hearing Sciences (how did this even occur?!)–>Anatomy (also surprising)–>Hearing and Hearing Disorders (eff you, B.P.)–>Language Development–>Audiometry–>Neuroanatomy–>Language Impairment–>phonetics (transcription is NOT my friend).

That’s not for you, and not bragging–just a little something to uplift MYSELF and remind me that I’m not just treading water, and wasting my time.  I’m accomplishing something–however slow.

No April Progress Report

4 May

I don’t want to talk about missing the mark again this last month. Looking at failures over and over can bring a person down and make you want to give up.  So in light of REALLY wanting to achieve the goals I have set for myself this year here is how I can set myself up for success in May, through the summer, and in the long-term:

-I will floss my teeth earlier in the day.  Even if I feel tired, I will at least run the floss quickly through my mouth.  Even if I feel I’m not doing an optimum job.  Because somethimes I don’t because I feel too tired to give my best effort so I think–why bother.  BUT  It’s the repetition that will turn this into a daily must-do.

-I will look up recipes I want to cook, list those ingredients, and go Sunday morning to the Grocery pretty salmon saladOutlet and get the ingredients.   This will keep me excited to eat at home–and it will ultimately be cheaper.

-As a hybrid eat more economically, and do nice things with and for Cool, I will try to have a theme once a month.  This first weekend off of school is camping.  We will sleep in the living room, make microwave s’mores, banana boats, and maybe fondue some brots in cheese.  And shish-ka-bobs!  Those are awesome IMG_2150and festive and I like to look at them and eat them.  Next, is spa weekend retreat (at hotel C-LA-ul) can be a brunch, breakfast for dinner, homemade facial masks, sauna, massage, foot soak, and manicures.  Fun at home.  On the cheap.  And together time.  Festive!

-Cool and I will make a list of outdoor activities, crafting, projects, and pseudo-events (faux-Labor Dave Weekend with DVDs and dancing at home) we want to actively engage in.

-Instead of trying NOT to drink, I will try to drink a variety of things.  This will fill me so full of liquid there will hardly be room for alcohol.  Part two of this is to increase beauty, crafting, and cleaning so there isn’t the TIME to fill either.  I think it will be a lot easier trying to fill my belly and my day rather than trying to avoid food/drink/activities.  What’s left will all be in moderation, and special, and cheaper.

Denver nightscape

-I will do all the volunteering, organization, cleaning, DIY, gifting, moving preparedness, and studying tasks over the summer.  And cleaning and organizing.  And consolidating.  Operation:  Get rid of $hit, down-size, and make for a manageable one-bedroom apartment living and moving scene–commence!

-I will read magazines, and one actual book (for enjoyment) a month.  I can read every night prior to sleeping, and also at lunch (when I’m not getting ahead for school), plus some park-reading.  I will utilize my library card!  Hopefully I’ll read a bunch.  And I will begin blogging more frequently again–and maybe even edit.  Maybe.  Let’s not get carried away.

a cozy cat-I will brush shave the cats when we get a shedding situation and play with the kitties more, as well as put my best effort into the litter-box situation. I have a drawing of the living room and I cut out scaled furniture items and am working on the game-plan.  Sloppy needs a straight shot to her toilet and food that is near her electric throw blanket and protected from the baby–but away from MY electronics, books, and special items.  And kitchen.  And I will pay off their bill and update their vaccines–people that work at vet hospitals are THE worst about keeping up with their pet’s routine things!

-Obviously, I will hit my running goals, get back into the Wii Fit, and try circuits more whole-heartedly now that I have a little time.  I will do a little each day, early in the day, and whether I feel like it or not.

-I will try to get into a schedule that addresses each of these areas daily to establish a healthier, more goal-oriented routine that is easy to maintain once time is short again.  I work best from a routine, so I just need to establish one early on in the summer.