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I Have Nothing to Say

8 May

But I looked at my pending drafts and wasn’t feeling them.  Also, I wanted to post something more reflective of my current mood than the post at the top:  Hopeful, motivated.

recovering from sx

Since school got out I have been striving to re-organize the apartment.  The ultimate goal is to rearrange the living room (plus weird “dining room” cove).  Sloppy needs her litter box, food, and water closer to her home-base–the electric throw blanket.  As she is going potty anywhere she sits, because of the long (unprotected) walk she must take across the room.  It’s not her fault, it’s mine.  I know she’s a hyper-handy, and scared of the baby and I put her stuff waaaay over there (out of my site) anyway.  It looks a lot better, but poo on the carpet doesn’t.  And as a lessor motivation, Cool has some serious cord chaos issues that need my touch.

BUT in order to rearrange, I have to get some things out of the living room.  We never really fit well into this 1 bedroom apartment, and have only accumulated more things since we got here.  So it is mission–get rid of things.  And organize what’s left.  And in order to do THAT I have to clean the towel closet.  But in order to do THAT, I have to get the clothes and camping and bags out of it.  And in order to do THAT I have to clean the coat closet.  But to accomplish THAT, I have to get the clothes, luggage, snow shovel(?), out of there.  So in order to do THAT I have to clean Cool’s closet and finally, the hugest job (I have the most clothes in the house), MY closet.  So to help Sloppy, I have to clean 4 closets, rearrange the bedroom, take things out of the living room/dinning room, and finally, move furniture in the living room.

cinderella cleaning

Got all that?  So I’m finished with 3.5 of 4 closets so far.  And of course, you can’t just organize–cleaning should be done while you go.  Note to self:  Never, never, never stick duct tape to glass while taping plastic and blankets to the single pane sliding glass door in the winter, because you will then have to stand there scraping it off millimeter by millimeter for a thousand hours.  Why did I EVER think that was a great idea in a rental?  Also, as a second note to self:  Do not volunteer to clean the crummy, 5 years of accumulation of crap that no one ever looks at, dusty, dirty, cluttered basement at work when you are in the midst of a huge spring cleaning project at home.  It will quickly wear you out and make you feel burned out and lazy.

So the process has been hard work!  But I’m still not ready to sit and study yet.  I am, however, past ready to go outside into the delayed, long-awaited summer weather and run and play.

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