Sleepless in. . . Boise

28 May

Here is a quick update of my legit 3 day weekend:

1. House-sit. Awoken by dog at 3:45AM to pee outside (the dog, not me). Go to Forester Friday for next 12 hours.

2. House-sit. Awoken by dog at 3:30AM to play fetch.

garden 2 edit3. Drive 7 hours to Boise to meet parents halfway to pick up my beautiful maine coon buddy!

4. Arrive in Boise having forgotten everything cat-related. No food, litterbox, bed. . .

5. Eat dinner and sleep from 8-10PM Saturday night.

6. Awaken to a hollering maine coon buddy who is coming off drugs and confused about where he is.

7. In an attempt not to wake up my 3 snoring roommates, the neighbors, and everybody in the city of Boise, I bring the fluffy-britches into bed with me. He tries to jump up for the next 2.5 hours so I have to restrain him.

8. At 12:45AM, the buddy is off his drugs and I can no longer keep him in the bed. I decide to give fe-lionhim another pill, hoping to sedate him and get some sleep.

9. On drugs, Goose gets stressed and yowls, waking the 3 people in my room, and probably the neighbors.  I am certain, despite being exhausted, we are going to have to take the cat and start driving the 7 hours home immediately.

10. He remains talkative and inconsolable until my parents travel halfway across the city at 3AM to buy him food and us caffeine.

11.  Grampe was correct–Goose was very hungry and settled down after a meal.  I slept from 5-7AM.

12.  Wanting to have a little fun with my parents (we hadn’t seen mom since 2010 and only saw dad briefly at a funeral last year) we got ready to go out on the town.

Boise--May 2013 01813.  On very little sleep, the 4 of us went to the zoo (wonderful!) and the Old Idaho Penitentiary (interesting!) then to the Spaghetti Factory for “lupper.” I was about to collapse from tiredness.Boise--May 2013 087

14.  We went to bed at 8PM, and sleep was punctuated by restless parents, and a meowing unsettled cat.

15.  At 3AM, my dad tried to get us up to go, and was convinced by mom that it was not quite time.

16.  At 4AM, it was time to get up and shower.

17.  We were in Oregon (and their stupid slow speed limits and weird not-self serve gas pumps) by 7AM.

18.  And home by noon.

19.  Then, we went to bed for the night at 5:30PM and I work up at 5AM.  A record, I’m sure!

20.  But all my cats live in ONE state now and I’m so happy about that.  Plus, it was a really great trip with my parents.  And now it’s time to grocery shop and it’s back to house-sitting for the next 7-8 days. . .

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