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The Whys

6 Jun

Where did May go?  Sorry about the disappearing act, but in May I never caught up.

Cleaning, surprise euthanasia, constant clouds, unexpected trip to Boise to get my kitty, house-sitting. Did I mention clouds? And many sleepless nights?

I found my resolve failing again.

Tiredness, vacation, and travel rendered my motivation null and my goals void. I thought about the long-term goals, and a funny thing happened. At the time–I just didn’t care.

Partially, this is due to the HALT effect: Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired. It’s true, those are real motivation killers. Secondly, I think getting back in tune with the goals, means getting in touch with the reasons I made them. Here, instead of May also sucked, is WHY I want to achieve each goal.

But in a later post, because tomorrow is ugly Forster Friday and I’m still recovering from May.