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7 Jun

The floors here where I’m house-sitting, I mean.  They make my socks black and I didn’t want to stain or wreck them, so I’m just doing bare, black feet.  The reason?  I guess pet traffic, but my feet are constantly dirty all the same.

Things I Learned While House-Sitting:

-My car will start to have problems at the worst time possible.  Rusty was fine while I was driving 8 min to work and back 4 times a week.  As soon as I needed to drive a half hour with a lot of hills, faster speeds, more traffic, and many stops and starts–problems.  Awful scraping noises when I applied the brakes–terrible hot smell under the hood.  So that was pretty much a constant worry every time I took the already wearing commute.  It also served to sort of hold me hostage wherever I was because I didn’t want to stress the car to the point of a breakdown by driving a lot.  Tuesday, as soon as I have finished the weekend of work, I MUST take Rusty to the shop!  This will also serve to spend every penny I earned house-sitting and additional funds, I am certain.  Because that is my life.

-Having a lot of things does not necessarily mean having a lot of useful or fun things.

-I miss watching Satellite TV, but I’m glad we don’t have television channels.  It’s a time-eater.  There are a billion channels, and nothing I want to see in the time slots I’m here to see it.  Crazy.  The Food Network, however is ridiculously amazing and I could watch that 24/7.  I am very sad these new competition shows are not available for streaming on Netflix.

cute outfit

-Just having nice decorations does not mean having a nice house. It’s all about how it’s grouped and arranged to maximize effect.  I get the impression a lot of these things were gifts slapped up on a wall, not chosen purchases that play up a certain “look.”

-A washer and dryer are on my major life list.  I did soooooo much laundry because I could and I absolutely miss that.  My next place MUST have in-unit washer & dryer–or at the very least hook-ups.  I can’t say it enough–laundry facilities were nice.

-Sometimes having a lot of things is a hindrance. If things are thrown randomly in cupboards, you don’t know what you have. Organization!  I paced myself and only organized one pantry.  Though I wanted to do more, I didn’t want to seem crazy.

-A lot of food can be really useless. Everyone eats differently, and one person’s abundance of ingredients is another person’s dearth.  I was hungry.  Luckily, Cool bought subs one day and pizza another.


-Don’t let animals on your counters. Especially kitchen counters. You will eat cat-butt *fill in the blank*  PS–have you ever tried to make fish when the cats are allowed up there?  Not an easy task.

-If you spend a lot of money on anything–make it a good knife.  I never, never cut a mango or an avocado though I love both, because it is literally hard.  These CutCo knives make easy work of them!  One went right up on my Amazon wish list, because it was PERFECT.

-I am not a person that wants a work commute.  I already don’t want to go to work–put it more then 20 minutes away and I hate it.  Make it on a week the vet I like is on vacation, and add in an anxiety-ridden unproductive receptionist that makes bad decisions and does little else = hostility from me.

-The one good thing about living waaay out of town?  I saw a coyote one morning and a MOOSE one afternoon.  The dog freaked and barked both times and I didn’t get good pictures.  Partially, because I didn’t bring my actual camera, so I had to depend on my phone.

bear rug

-P.S.  I forgot how much dogs drool and slurr upon you whenever possible.  The dog was very well-behaved, excellent and easy, but I was constantly covered in dog spit.  Kinda icky.

-Final note, I am a homebody.  No matter how easy the job, or good the money–I need to recharge by being at my own house.  I don’t even like my apartment, my neighborhood, or especially my dope-neighbors, but it’s MINE.  I have a place and my things and family and routine are there.  Being away made me tired and a little grumpy (majorly exacerbated by work annoyances).