The WHY of Resolution

9 Jun

Here, instead of May also sucked, is WHY I want to achieve each goal:

I.  WorkCI fish

I think I’m sticking to it here.  I just have to change my priorities, that’s all.  From 100% vet assistant, dedicated to a fault loyal worker, to Miss Audiology studious, family-oriented gal.  And it’s a constant decision, but I’m doing it–changing my priority over.

II.  Love

Cool is my mate and I want her to remain in my life.

A.  Support, but don’t be responsible for Cool.

-She will never learn if I always cushion the blow.  Things will never change if I don’t let them.Coolie-saurus

B.  Appreciate one thing daily.

-I easily find fault–seeing the silver lining is much harder.  And it’s important for love, longevity, not to mention Cool’s psyche that I voice the (many, many) awesome things too.

C.  Weekly massage

-It’s good for our backs.  Touch is good for a relationship.  It’s a time to relax.

D.  Cook frequently

-It can be themed.  It can be healthy (we know exactly what’s in it), and it’s cheaper than restaurants.  It brings us closer as a couple.

III.  Educationskull 2

I’m pretty frustrated that my schedule in May disallowed school.  But that just makes me all the more motivated to get on it now.  It’s so, so, so important to make this my priority, because otherwise I will be working at vet hospitals for life–which I would hate.  My job stresses me out, gives me little satisfaction, and is frustrating mostly.  I have no other marketable skills, so I need a 4.0 in order to get the AuD and have a better schedule, more routine, and mainly–the regulation the human side enjoys.  Vet techs and assistants need a union–but that’s another post.

IV.  Time

A.  Get up at 4 AM; B.  Study min of 3x/wk campus_rec UNC bears

-I just need to manage it and form a routine this summer–which circumstances have disallowed so far.  This sets the tone for all the goals and my uber-important sleep schedule.

C.  Read for pleasure daily

–  I love reading, own a lot of books, and learn a lot when I do.  Plus it’s relaxing, and requires concentration.

V.  Moneymoney

A.  Be smart about food expenses

-Ultimately, this is about the long term.  The more money I have, the more school expenses are taken care of, as well as vehicle maintenance.  And this will enable us to move to Colorado one day and do things we want to do, and live like we want to live.  So to sacrifice now will pay off down the road.


A.  Don’t go in to stores or in proximity to restaurantsWalking about-July 2012 022

B.  Don’t go into public hungry

C.  Wait to make purchases–to save, work extra, or become realistic

D.  Enjoy free fun; nature

E.  Go without.  Do I NEED it?  Can I simplify?

F.  Minimize travel; keep expenses low

G.  Save at least $5 a month

–  Money adds up.  All those little stupid expenses add up–but so do all the good decisions.

VI.  ExerciseFreeStrider

Because I don’t want to be obese.  And I want to reach my mile goals, and eventually (when I can afford a pool membership and buy a bike and accessories) complete a triathlon.

VII.  Food

My nemesis.  My enjoyment in life.  This just needs to be honed to be wary of calorie uptake/expenditure and $$$.  And the how:

A.  seasonal Costco run

B.  Grocery Outlet on Sunday

1.  No Safeway ever.

C.  Prepare 1 meal in my kitchen daily.Easter 023

D.  Cook together on weekends

E.  Watch, AND manipulate calories

-Because I’m good at calculating, but not planning or changing my habits.  I want to establish good eating habits.  Especially for when my metabolism slows down and my personality is set.

VIII.  Drink

Because it’s a problem in my family and for my genetic makeup.  Because it runs counter to my goals.  It messes up my sleep patterns.  No one wants to end up “like that.”  And because you are only as old as your liver.

To accomplish it:

A.  More water

B.  Replace bad behaviors by being busy doing productive thingsLL's 28th birth-month 076

1.  Make routines around abstinence/break drinking routines

C.  Get Cool to be more supportive

D.  Drink later in the day to reduce amt

E.  Again–Change thoughts; erase routines

So in June, and for the rest of the summer I can turn over a new leaf.  And May wasn’t a total failure, because I cleaned the b’jesus out of our apartment, got my maine coon buddy, and earned cash (to fix Rusty) house-sitting.

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