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(Unlucky) 13 Years of Veterinary Assisting

10 Jun

It should be kind of a cool milestone, and it would have been if I was a veterinarian.  13 years paid and 5 additional years of (substantial hours) of volunteering could be very useful to draw upon.  As a vet those 18 years of diverse experiences could serve me well.  I’ve seen things that work extraordinarily well, and failures.  I know what like, what I can live with, and what I absolutely hate in a veterinary hospital and staff.

Yet I’m not exactly proud.  In all that time, I worked really hard, but made little educational or employment progress.  I’m still doing the EXACT same job I’ve been doing since my first legit hire.  Along with this, I have not had time to hone ANY other employment experiences to beef up my resume–I can’t wait tables, type or do office work, or labor in a warehouse.  I can’t get even the lowliest jobs because of my strict focus on veterinary assisting.  So now that I’m not going to be a vet–those years hurt me.

So that’s why this milestone is more of a bummer than a cool deal.  It just shows I’m stilted in life, and reminds me to keep working at a brighter future.  I need to get a job where upward mobility is possible.  A job that pays me the wages I deserve and treats me like the hard-worker I am.  And it’s just not this.  I want MORE, that’s all.  It’s OK for some people, but I am an achiever and I want to feel my work is meaningful and I am actually doing something–not just cleaning up after another person/people.

But not to get down on myself, the title, or my current station in life, a fun fact for every year:

Chapmans edit

13: Different veterinarians I have worked with (AT the hospitals where I was employed) over the years.  I liked the way four of them worked and liked six of them as people (outside of work).

Reunion tower dallas
12:  Years that I was able to take off/get vacation/trade/finagle my birthday off of work.  The other one was a Monday (of crowded summer boarding, bath day variety) and yes, I think working on your birthday SUPER-sucks.

NV Feb 2010 090
11:  Really fun and different days (I’m estimating) where the work day was slow so I was sent to Starbucks, got to wash someone’s car instead of working, or the hospital had some sort of snow day or power outage that brought everyone together.  A few of those kinds of days are neat!

Tiger Plaza
10:  Literally 10 rejections from veterinary schools during my time as an employee at vet hospitals–and largely due to focusing on work rather than keeping a 4.0 GPA.

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9:  Co-workers I actually liked (some outside of work, but not their work ethic, a couple both in and out of work, and 1 at work only).

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8:  Major $$$ bonuses (over a thousand and more) during my employment [all from Noah’s Ark-thank you, thank you]

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7: Years of higher education completed total, and while working.

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6: The number of different PAYING employers (not counting observation work or working interviews in which case 3 more would be added to the list).

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5:  Times I have been the recipient of a veterinarian’s lost temper (inappropriate tone, language, voice levels, and even thrown items once) during work, and in front of co-workers, though luckily not clients.

jaguar sick
4:  Times I’ve ever called in sick.  Pretty good for 13 years, I say.  The two at Noah’s Ark were on the SAME day–because it was a Sunday and we had to be there once in the AM to walk/clean/feed/treat and once in the PM and I was vomiting the whole day.  Vomiting from drinking un-refrigerated non-dairy creamer.  The other two times were to the same hospital. One was for Cool’s bipolar issues (she couldn’t be left alone that day) and the other was phony in order to go to the zoo, because I HATED that job and everyone there, and was about to have some sort of nervous breakdown. And no, I don’t regret going to the zoo on work time at all–though I was paranoid all day someone associated w/my job would see me.

NFL teams
3: Different states that I’ve worked in-Nevada, Missouri, and Washington.

2:  Years that I was eligible for vacation days!  At Noah’s Ark I was able to take off and trade a chunk of days and visit Austin, TX and at Cat’s Meow the 2nd year I was employed I got a week–which I split up to take several small trips.

The Quad 2
1:  Missed college graduation (my own) due to being scheduled to work that Saturday.  And because a co-worker was also graduating that same day and SHE already took it off.

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So there you have it.  13 factoids about my 13 paid years on the job.  And I truly hope to exit the field and enter into the speech & hearing sciences sooner rather than later.  Must.  Get.  The grades!