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13 Jun

Usain BoltI guess our culture places great emphasis on it. With the love of sport and emphasis on business and success. And it’s easy to get sucked into.

I used to have the mentality that work was a competition. I would work crazy hours–just to say I did. I would come early, work fastest, leave late, over weekends and holidays. Just to. . . I guess compete with co-workers and legend. To be able to portray myself that way to outsiders.

My whole undergrad was frought with competition. “What percent did you get on the test?” “How many points did you lose?” “What’s your GPA?” All of them routinely asked to inwardly smirk at winning, or feign a cringe over a 94% verses a 94.6% To look sympathetic or excited all the while comparing your own statistics.

And now, I’m not all about it. I find it tiring and phony. Honestly, I don’t have time to consider Laurel's pics 156anyone else’s performance at work or at school. I only compete to better myself these days. I have my own goals and just work to meet those.  What other people are doing?  Not my concern.

And I’m severely annoyed when other students or coworkers still have this competitive mentality.  It’s petty, and it’s immature.  Not to mention socially off-putting.  I think these people are so riled up with comparing because they are secretly concerned THEY don’t measure up.  I have no time for that.  No patience.  So if you start that game with me, I will do my best to disengage.  Just know that.

And sure, I’m proud if I exceed MY goals, but anyone else’s numbers do NOT matter. Not to me, my performance, or my life.  Maybe my end goals will put me in direct competition with them, but that doesn’t matter either. I just need to worry about ME, and keeping my performance on track with what I know I need to get to accomplish my end goals. And for my peers–I wish them the best. But ultimately, their numbers don’t matter to my life. I will do my best.

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