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Week of Dread

15 Jun

And, (surprise!) it’s all about work.  My thoughts usually are centered around that.  The run-down:

Sunday is mine, so it’s my favorite.

Tuesday is the beginning of my school/study time and farthest away from the 10-ish hour horribleness of my job.

Monday is OK, b/c I never have to go in early to take care of hospitalized patients. And I know I’ll be working with the faster doctor.

Wednesdays usually make me mad in some way. I have to be at work super-early and usually they are jerks, do stupid stuff, or keep me there longer than necessary.

Thursday should be good, but isn’t. I’m full of dread and worry about Friday.

Saturday, I have to work when my mind is more fresh, then I’m too tired to do anything, but feel guilty about that b/c I have a half day where I should be productive.

Friday is the WORST.

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