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Putting the “Quick” in Quick-Press

17 Jun

Cool’s birthday weekend:

-birthday on a boat (obligatory)
This year we did the CdL (don’t ask me to spell the crazy name of that Idaho town) sunset cruise. It was very nice, but “buffet” is used very liberally. As I expected it was more of a catered event. 4 salads, 2 sides, 2 entrees, small portion sizes, and one cheesecake does not count as a legit buffet. Nevada girl I am, I’m a stickler about this terminology.

Color Run:
Amazing as expected. I will make an individual post about the deets.

Hike. OK, a day in PJs doing nothing but watching television shows and eating. It was a great time.

Kitties: Loving each other so much. Sleep is not had. So today I was very tired. But in good spirits, anyway. It’s really about the moods of the people you’re with all day–and today was a good mood overall.

I’ll post tomorrow after a good sleep!