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Color Me Rad

19 Jun

june 2013I saw this on 125’s blog and knew I HAD to do it.  It was running, but more importantly, it was rainbow colors and 1980’s.  What’s not to like?  I also knew I couldn’t do it alone.  Lame.Not knowing anyone in Spokompton made it difficult though.  My Nevada and Missouri friends are too far away.  My Aunt–too old, shy, and out-of-shape.  Cool.  Honestly can be a real dud when it comes to physical activity or crowds.  Especially in combo.  Convincing her to run with me would be a chore.  Co-workers–well have to WORK.  Especially if I’m not there.  And speaking of that ALL of these races (and every fun public activity) falls on Saturday.  And I work every Saturday morning.

So the odds were stacked against me from the start.  But I traded my life away at work and the other tech agreed to take my color blast 2race Saturday (5 hours at MOST) and birthday Saturday (open for 3 hours)  if I worked a Wednesday (9 hours if I’m lucky) and Thursday (a Forster day which would make me have to work 4 days in a row) for her.  I got the short end of the stick, but both Saturdays were that important to me.

Next, I tried to convince Cool.  And of course, she was having no part of any run, colored or not.  So I bought my $30(!) admittance.  This secured me a shirt, sunglasses, my number, 1 color color blastpacket to throw, and a fun-run.  I worked and worked.  And worked on Cool, really trying to talk up the race, guilt, and coerce her.  What finally got her?  I asked her to line dance with me.  Apparently, running is a better choice than cowgirl line dancing. . .  Good to know.  By the time (6 weeks later?) I got her to come with me, the price had gone up to $50!  Bummer, and ouch–but it was going to be fuuunnnn.

I’m not certain what all that money goes toward.  A charity WAS involved, but I have a hard time believing they saw all of color bomb 2my $80.  And the shirt?  Royal blue–not good for color-running purposes.  The white ones?  Extra$$$.  More color packets?  More extra dough.  There was also other merch and you could buy photos of yourself running.  And buy food.  And beer–though I never saw any that wasn’t just the raceway’s concession domestics–ick.  So I deemed it over-priced greatness.

The packet pickup was a well-oiled machine.  Like a huge amount of volunteers, computers, tables.  Order.  Which never happens.  Everything was well-marked, and we did not have to stand in line for 1 second–despite 1500 people being confirmed to run.


They asked us to be there at 7AM.  And they were out of town, in the boonies, and charged $5 to park.  So we parked in the Casion’s lot next door.  Free.  Yay for us smart-cookies who scouted out the scene 2 days early!  Anyway, 7AM in Spokompton is chilly.  And I got the impression that the organizers had us gather early and corral right by all the for-sale merch–to stimulate us to BUY.  There was also a “party.”  They had dancers on a stage–like choreographed dance movements and all, and I was mostly embarrassed for them.  I also wondered if those people were from Spokane, or traveled around the country doing these parties???  I never did find out.  They also had a DJ trying to generate enthusiasm.  I was put-off when he said something to the effect of, “Ladies, show me what you’ve got for some color packs!!!”  Gross.  It felt a little contrived. Like they were trying too hard to be cool.  Maybe this goes over better in actual cities like New York, or places where people are–drunk.


I did, however, enjoy seeing the costumes–I KNEW people would wear them!!!  And also people-watching was amazing–sorostitutes always make me laugh–especially old-in-the-face ones.  One of them looked to be trying to hold it all inside, but couldn’t contain herself during some horrible rap song.  She was mouthing the words and doing small dance moves to what was probably her “jam.”  Extra-lame.  Next time we do a color run I have an excellent costume idea.  And I tried to get Cool to do it with me this year, but it was difficult enough just getting her there.  And you can’t be the ONLY one wearing a costume.  But I want to get a bunny-rabbit suit.  Full on head and everything.  And would start the race as the white rabbit, I’m late, I’m late from Alice in Wonderland–and end as the Trix rabbit!  So awesome!  I hope nobody else thinks of it before we get to do it.  Because it’s not at neat once someone has already done it.

-As we were run/walking, assorted stations were throwing environmentally-friendly colored corn starch at runners.  Of course, the goal is to get as much color as possible, so we came close to the volunteers.  Who were there specifically to throw colors on people.  And after the pink 1K–I was still all white.  So at the purple station, I really slowed down.  And got the littlest bit, from off of someone else.  I thought maybe I looked RBS–resting bitch face syndrome, so made an effort at green to smile.  Still, no one wanted to throw at me.  Hmmmm.  So at the final orange station, I did bird wings, ran up smiling, and slowed down directly in front of each of the 3 volunteers.  And got nothing at all.  No orange was thrown at me.  I am apparently too good at disengaging, as the volunteers were reluctant to throw color on me–even though I was 80’s-style and even when I was smiling and spirited.  Weird scene.


But we both had a lot of fun, and got some color, and pelted each other with more color.  And Cool is a 5K convert and would be open to doing another themed event.  Oh–and we got astounding pics with the waterproof disposable we purchased prior to the event (genius idea) to (over)post on Facebook.  Which is the whole point of these theme races anyway.  We would like to do a mud run or foam run, but this can never occur since I work every Saturday morning.  BUT we will certainly keep our eyes peeled for such things after we’ve moved to Colorado!!!


Aside from being all about money, my one complaint about the race was they did not have trash cans (bomb-prevention my boss suggested) but they did have plastic baggies and plastic water bottles littering the raceway.  I guess this could have been a raceway regulation or WA law or something, but I felt weird dropping trash on the ground.  But other than that, it was a good event for a birthday weekend!