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Genius Yard Sale Inspiration

21 Jun

I just came up with this idea:

Have a yard sale to get rid of unnecessary items and downsize for future moving.

Make a portion of the profits a donation to some speech & hearing-relevant organization.

This would help said-organization, motivate people to spend more money and buy more quantitiy (and probably get more people TO the sale), and let me write leadership/volunteer on some essay or application.



To accomplish this:

-find a suitable organization/charity

-decide on an amount/% to donate

aquarium club 10

The Hook:

-gather sign-making materials:

**cooler chests that won’t fit into the trash at work.

**make a huge sign out of the plywood at work

**old cardboard from boxes @ work

**that “trash” paint that needs throwing away!

**need paint/markers

**gather rocks to weigh down coolor ground signs

-include the donation on sale signs

-decide sign locations

**big ply wood sign on empty lot fancing I-90

**a white box sign on corner in front of Grocery Outlet

Hartford Circus Fire Poster

Display the Merch:

-use Aunt Linda’s driveway area

-borrow tarps at work

-find tables to stack things on?

-save boxes to put like-price items in?

-save hangers to hang clothes on fence

-get stickers for individual items?

-just make a cardboard sign for like-priced items?


Engage Help:

-talk to Aunt Linda about use of her yard

-pick a date

-decide on times

-actually sort out the items into boxes

-run an ad on the FB page

-keep track of time spent planning & executing the event

Labor Day Weekend 2011 060

Sale Day:

-get change, a couple of calculators, and a make-shift cash box

-place signs around town.

-move all vehicles out of the driveway

-sit at tables & work sale

–oh, and I almost forgot:  Take my cookbooks to sell at the sale!

happy maid

Clean it up:

-take down signs

-donate the unsold items

-take everything back to work