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Endurance Training

23 Jun

This morning’s 400 meter splits were ROUGH!  After about 70 meters, I feel tired and fatigued.  And I never really posterior musclesrecovered either.  Bad.  None of my muscles are hurting per say, my legs still feel fantastic.  It’s this horrible out of breath, tired feeling where my brain screams, “stop, stop, stop–you need to rest.”  I think this is my body’s way of telling me I’m not breathing right when I run.  I have no endurance, because I haven’t trained my LUNGS.  So in an effort to improve my 400 meter splits, so I can eventually improve my mile time, I need first–to be able to complete the distance without dying!  It’s my lungs and my head that need work–then my times will follow.

2 posterior muscles of respMission:  Strengthen my diaphragm.  Taking speech anatomy is very helpful in this endeavor, because now I now the diaphragm is the back bone (pun intended) of the respiratory system, which is the power house.  So it’s obvious I need to belly breathe–but that is easier said then done.  HOW to do it:

-Concentrate on proper form.  And I know I tend to hunch and stoop the more tired I get so I have to concentrate on running tall, head up, shoulders back, and hips forward.  Actually use my damn 1899-13167arms to help propel me.  RELAX–don’t tighten up.

-Start with long, slow, distance runs.  This trains out of shape muscles (mine) to take in more oxygen to actually perform the tasks you are demanding from your body.

cell 2-open the mouth wider to maximize air flow.

-Try a 3-2 pattern eventually.  Maybe start at a 2-2 pattern.  Breathe in on a right, left footfall, then breathe out for the next right and left steps.  Try to increase to a 3-3, then 4-4 pattern with practice.

-Practice.  It takes time and conditioning.  And I know this.  I just have to get out there consistently, and it will hurt a lot less, and I’ll get much faster!