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Modified Summer 2013 Goals

24 Jun

I.  Apply for scholarships

AA.  Find such scholarships

OK, turns out this is sort of an unproductive time-eater.  Most places require full-time student status or some involvement in some group or activity to apply.  Since I’m not, I’m wasting a lot of time looking. . .

BB.  Do the app

111.  write the essay(s)

aaaa.  modify vet school essays & last years school essays

What I WILL do:  edit my school scholarship essays as well as the LGBT essay in order to maximize my chances for success in the few areas I do qualify.

333.  send it in

II.  Start working on my school application

AA.  look up what is required (for my schools)

 Application for Admission to the UNC Graduate School. Click here for application information.

  • Official transcripts from each college or university attended
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test Scores (no more than 5 yr old)
  • 3 Letters of recommendation. Click here for Recommendation forms. (2 from prof)
  • $50 Application fee
  • Resume or vita (1-2 pg)

CC.  write the CV

111.  look @ CV exp


222.  follow the owl’s guidelines

333.  modify my resume into a CV

  • Audiology and Speech-Language Sciences Statement of Professional Goals (letter of intent) (under 500 words)

EE.  write the essay(s)

111.  edit the writing portions

BB.  confirm timing

111.  make a physical hard-copy timeline

Deadline for Fall Semester Entry: February 1, 2013 (please submit prior to that date)

Applications will not be processed until all information is received

processing takes approximately 20 days.

notified of an admission decision between March 15 and April 15.

aaaa.  hang this timeline somewhere I’ll see it often

 III.  volunteer

AA.  search for (flexible) opportunities

111.  hearing related?

222.  actually go to the VA in person–>web site unavailable

BB.  Apply/complete volunteer paperwork/req

111.  schedule it

222.  make time to do it

aaaa.  just DO this!

iiiii.  SOON.  This will also help w/scholarships.

IV.  Observe

AA.  update resume

BB.  try to call for a consult/make appt/find out good time to stop in

CC.  go to a place in person

111.  talk to someone & hand off resume/goals

CC.  make time in sched for this

DD.  take notes of what I learn

V.  Read Textbooks

AA.  Hearing & Hearing Disorders

111.  Anatomy book

222.  Netters

333.  make flashcards

444.  start drawing

BB.  Aud Rehab

111.  Fix outline so it stops making me crazy–>change to powerpoint?

222.  track down & make flashcards

CC.  Audiometry

111.  outline–but not super-detailed.

222.  on winter break skim & make a ppt of most pertinant info