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June Goal Self-Monitor

28 Jun

I think it’s been difficult to adhere to my goals because it’s summer. There is less structure and routine imposed on me by others, so my time is more free. Which is a good break, but bad for productivity. Also, the weather is very un-summer-like every other week it seems, so that makes it feel just like a semester. And despite the tone of this intro, I actually did OK.

Let’s see–flossing. I may actually have this one licked (pun intended) as I have been flossing nightly-yay me! Now for bleaching the chompers for b-day pic purposes. Hopefully, that Sensodine does its thing.

9Encourage Cool. Things are really good right now between us. And I am sure my birthday w/her in Walla Walla will be amazing!

And speaking of that drinking has been a big FAIL.  But in my defense, we went from house-sitting with unlimited free beer and wine, to Cool’s birthday, into Independence Day, right into my birthday.  And it’s summer anyway, so it’s not impeding my ultimate career goals.  But between the birthday and Labor Dave, scaling back will be had.

Work–still stresses me out and preoccupies my mind and my time. But I’m not counting the days when I’ll be out of there, so I suppose this is not that bad either.  But I agreed to work full days that I do not actually want to work, and will bring me misery, and derail more school/career goals–but I AM getting my birthday weekend off so I’m considering this a trade. And the money will be good. I am thisclose to paying off my Care Credit wisdom teeth and my Visa card–and without using ANY school loan money. Big sigh of relief.

Money. Well, since Cool has none, it makes me spend less. Which I never like, but is good for me. We have been cleaning minisout the freezer and eating every edible thing in the pantry in order to save for my birthday. So meals suck right now, but the money is adding up.

Speaking of meals, calories are only OK. I guess. It’s hard to have both worlds–healthy eating on a budget. So since this is a week of better weather we’re out at the track. And it hurts and it’s terrible how out-of-shape I am this late in the season. And how I can’t even focus on times, because I’m merely trying to finish the distance. And it’s going to make winter feel ever so long–this rain and clouds of summer. But it forces us outside on sunny days even when we want to be lazy, so I guess it’s a good scene after all.

ossicular chain 6And on all those cloudy days, I’ve managed to read the textbooks, and outline 35 pages of anatomy (1 large chapter), 1.5 chapters of Audiology for next spring, and 1.25 chapters of Aural Rehab for Fall.  And counting.  So I’m slowly (and daily) getting through those, which will take some stress and pressure off during the classes.  And this time, typing the outlines, so I don’t have to re-write things when professors give that as an assignment, because dopey classmates don’t read.  Which as I’ve said before should be punishment enough–let them test lower, don’t baby-sit us.  But at any rate, I’m ready for it.  And if it isn’t an actual assignment, I can just print out the notes and use them.

So I guess I feel like I should and want to be doing more, but I’m actually doing alright on the goals.  Next time I report in–I’ll be 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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