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Testing My Patience

3 Jul

Annoying things of the week:

-Last January (as in Jan 2012) I went though all the food at work, and pulled out the expired product.  This food has since been sitting in a kennel in the isolation room free for anyone who wants to take it.  The slow doctor has been slowly taking it239 home to feed her barn cats.  No one else seemed to want it–because of the 2/2012 exp date, I’m assuming.  So this June–a full year and a half later, I grabbed 2 bags of R/D from the kennel.  It expired Feb of 2012 like the rest, but had been left behind.  We were short on money, and the cats were hungry so I thought they could eat that.  When I set it by the stairs to take home, the book-keeper, sometimes tech, sometimes receptionist asked me if I wanted her to put it away.  I told her it was from the expired batch and I planned to take it home.  She made a HUGE deal as if I was stealing product and asked if she needed to take it out of inventory.  It was taken out in January of 2012, so I reminded her that.  She still seemed mad that I had the audacity to take the old food, and asked if our receptionist (who deals with the food) knew about this.  To which I was like–this food had expired over a year ago, we dealt with it then, and it’s been up here the whole time free to take.  Like I’m a criminal or something.

-I did my ($$$-short) co-worker a favor and let her work Saturday by herself–at her request and unexpectedly.  I have worked many, many, MANY Saturdays by myself.  Most of them, as a matter of fact since I used to be the only tech EVERY week, even when this co-worker first started working.  She has only been working select Saturdays with me when the slow Saturday at Auroadoctor is scheduled and it looks busy.  And Saturdays are ALWAYS over-booked.  Always, always.  Monday, all I hear when I get to work was how BUSY Saturday was and how they should have had me there too.  I wanted to scream at my boss and co-worker that 1)it wasn’t MY choice.  2)  I’ve done it–check any Saturday on the schedule to see how busy we always are 3) why is nobody ever given $hit when I’M the one there by myself on an over-booked Saturday?!  No sympathy from me.

-My debit card was denied.  Only sometimes though.  It was rejected Thursday, but then it worked at 2 other places.  Sunday, it worked to buy gas, but then didn’t work across the street half hour later at the Grocery Outlet.  This was embarrassing, and could have been super-bad-times if I hadn’t randomly been holding cash both times.  Which I hardly ever have cash.  And it embarrassed me, because the cahier and other people in moneyline just assume you’re a deadbeat short on funds.  My online account showed plenty enough $$$.  So I called Bank of America.  I entered a billion numbers repeatedly in the automated portion of the call.  I talked to a heavily-accented spanish gal and had to reiterate my social 3 times, and listen to her read it back 3 times before we realized our twos and three were indecipherable to each other and she had been typing it wrong.  Then, she transferred me, and I found out that some business that had my debit card info was compromised and my card was stolen.  But Bank of America didn’t bother to tell me of the theft or about the fact they blocked larger purchases.  And they didn’t just automatically mail a replacement card.  So surprise!  And I may not have a new card or access to any cash when I go to Walla Walla for my birthday.  Great.

-Work expects me to be a mind-reader.  We have always requested a urinalysis, then requested an add-on culture.  I did working at Cat's Meowthis, the same way I have done it since 2010.  Suddenly, everyone was all up in my grill for doing it “wrong.”  Apparently, we recently got a new code, which incorporated both tests, but nobody bothered to tell me–until I did it “wrong.”  And 2 minutes later, I was quartering pills to put in an Rx bottle, which we have done with multiple drugs the entire time I’ve worked there, and I was accosted about keeping the pills in the original bottle.  As if this was the only time, and only drug, and I was the only person who moved them into a self-print labeled Rx bottle.  Hey, how about telling me the first time, before yelling (OK, lecturing, but that doesn’t rhyme) at me?!

-Cool has been a suer-douche this week, and as an apology let me open an early birthday gift from her.  I had asked for a certain Brandi Carlile shirt, because the exact one that I have is too small–but I love it.  So I wanted one that fits.  Well, I opened Cool’s gift–and it was the shirt, but in the exact same (too small) size I already own.  The merch Brandi tim and philcompany only does returns or exchanges 14 days after the date of purchase.  And Cool had bought this in May. . .  So I e-mail the company explaining it’s a gift in the original packaging and how I’d like to exchange it for one that fits.  And they e-mailed me a terse, “It’s after the 14 day return/exchange policy.”  So I e-mailed them, and every link I could find on Brandi’s music page, and Brandi’s Facebook account complaining of the poor and unreasonable customer service.  And finally, they bothered to ask me an order number.  After which I balled them out and told them they should have been happy to help me initially, and gave them $hit for being ridiculous.

Hopefully, that is the end of this week’s annoyances, because for Fu(ks Sake, it’s my milestone birthday, dammit!

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