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15 Jul

I hesitate to use that title, because anyone in the veterinary field knows that there is actually never enough.  There is no saturation point, no amount of time, or hard work that hasn’t been exceeded.  Or doesn’t need to be exceeded.  The demand is always higher then the effort you are willing and able to put in.  Effort needed, is always MORE.

I’ve been there, and I’ll tell you this little bit of extra is a lot better than I’ve lived through in the past.  It seems bleak even trying to get ahead of this, and it’s a lesson I learned very slowly.  I used to always be the first to offer more time, worked more extra, was more productive at work–but now I see that the only thing this gets you–is bitter.

Instead of complaining, how being at work any amount over my (relatively new) part-time schedule makes me hate life.  I mean, it’s gotten to the point where it really makes me unhappy, and I’ve really reached MY saturation point with the fact that extra is just never enough.  That’s the thing–you couldn’t EVER get to a point where your boss, co-workers, and clients would be thankful.  You’d just work so much that you either burned out, went crazy, or died.

Anyhow, in the face of another bad week of working extra in stressful situations, with ill-performing people, dealing with bad, crabby attitudes, here are the things I’m happy about with my regular part-time schedule:

-I like seeing Cool.  If I didn’t work part time, I would literally see Cool 30 minutes a day (plus all day Sundays).  And that’s only if I wake her up at 5AM when she got home from work at midnight and is all tired/grumpy.

-I enjoy having real time to put effort into my studies.  During class, it’s crucial study/work time, and on breaks, it’s nice to work ahead for those times when I’m unable to keep up at all.

-I like going outside.  When I’m working, I’m inside a building for 9-12 hours a day.  With a full-time schedule this only gives me 2.5 days in a week to venture outdoors.

-I can actually clean my apartment, grocery shop, do the little chores.  When I have to work all the time, I go on survival mode–get ready for work, work, come home and me mad or recuperate from work, sleep.  On days off–recover from being so tired and busy working and do the bare minimum.

-See my own pets.  I hardly get to see them (when I’m awake) when I work a full-time schedule.

-I can run.  I run every morning I’m not at work, and it feels great!  I de-stress, get fit, get some sun, and work on my time goals.  Working too much makes this a frivolity that just never happens–and that’s too bad.

-Have happiness.  Work makes me anxious, stressed, annoyed, mad, tired, worried, etc. . .  I like seeing the kitties and when things run smoothly (hardly ever) but the rest is all negative.  I feel a LOT better about all aspects of life when I’m not at work, getting entangled in drama and problems, all the time.

So, here I am at 30–instead of telling you how people treated me inappropriately today, how I got the shaft a couple times–I’m putting a spin on it, and showing why I am excited to resume in my part-time, normal schedule.  Just one.  More.  Week.  I can do this–I will make it.  And I’ll maintain good (or at least neutral) attitude at work and at home.  I’m just one person and I can only do what I can do.  If nothing else–I will give myself praise and appreciation for working more, and doing more during that time and during my regularly scheduled times.  And next week–it’s back to school work, chores, outside, and my family 😀

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