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Out of My Mind

23 Jul

I have been such a head-case on the track (and maybe others would tell you, elsewhere) this summer.  Maybe it’s the stress MELROSEfrom work–the more I’m there, the more I hate everything.  It could be the late summer weather.  I got a later start this year, because of all of May & June rain.  I’m not certain what it is, but I feel so slow and fatigued.

And my times are not what they were last year.  I’m running about 8.40 miles, over 2 minute 400m on most occasions, and 50 second 200s.  It’s waaaay off of even my worst starting season times of last year.  And it’s bumming me out, making me frustrated, and I wonder if I just don’t have it in me.  Am I too old now?  Too out of shape?  Too inconsistent with training because of my work schedule?  Those thoughts slow me down too, I’m certain.

Jackie Warner 1So today, I stopped.  Stopped beating myself up mentally, that is.  Though I still fought many mental battles with myself.  The run felt much the same.  I got tired after the first 110 meters, and wanted to stop all-together and change to 400 splits after the first lap.  But I pushed through.  I told myself the time didn’t matter, and since the first 400 hadn’t been a record breaker I would at least jog 2 miles in order to work on endurance.  The 2nd lap felt horrible.  I was tired, and winded, but I kept on.  And that 3rd lap, which last year was my nemesis, felt better.  I sped up and thought about getting a mile PR out of the deal.  And I ran hard that 4th lap.  And ended up shaving 20 full seconds off my best mile time of the year.  Just like that.  Still not the sub-8 of last summer though.  So there is much work to do.

What that tells me, is that it’s not my body, but my mind getting in my way.

There are so many variable to running, I’m not sure how to achieve some speed.

-do warm-up laps?


-run drills to focus on form?

-change the time of day from morning to afternoon for the runs?

-change up the workouts by doing un-timed intervals/distance only/sprints only/recover less/recover on a jog

-work on arms and breathing?

-Do more Wii-Fit to increase strenth and work on form?

-get off the track and do hills or trails?

-eat better?

-get new shoes, or try new running clothes?

There are so many things I could try that I don’t know which to start with.  But I don’t want to change too many things, because then I wouldn’t know which thing worked, and I don’t want to throw off everything.  I guess this week, I’ll just try to change my mind.  Next week I’ll pick one other factor to vary.

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