I Don’t Really Feel Like Writing

25 Jul
I wish I was swimming

I wish I was swimming

Maybe it’s too hot.  83 degrees in my apartment right now, which isn’t hot enough to spend the money on running the AC.  Yesterday, we ran it because it felt HOT–it was 94F outside.  But after an hour the temp indoors only got down to 75F, then went back up to 81 in  a half hour.  Too expensive!

Cool left to attend her grandma’s funeral across the state–she won’t be home until Sunday.  We’ll miss the prime day of the only pow wow near us.  I’m disappointed, miss her already, and well–bored?  If that’s a thing.  I have a huge to-do list and an impending Freeferall Fu(ked up Friday.  I just don’t feel like doing things now.  I’ll be sorry about that later.  Especially since I’m putting off calling my loan companies.  Also, I have just 8 more pages to outline for one class of school to be completely finished–I’ll do it Friday night and Saturday.

I guess I don’t know where I was going with all that.

The morning started out good.  I actually ran.  For the first time this season, I ran with my heart and didn’t contemplate stopping before my preconceived workout was complete.  I didn’t make any PRs, but the whole thing felt a LOT better once I let my head stop kicking me around.   And Cool ran her second non-stop mile of her life, and said it felt good.  She has lost 21 pounds–I’m so proud of her.  She’s really putting in effort this year, and it’s inspiring.  I hope she can keep at it.

We also got the new internet hooked up, which will save $40 a month–those ComCast Mofos!  That’s all cancelled and done.

What else?

I guess that’s all the brainpower I have to spare right now.  I’ll finish and post the few drafts I started during the weekend.  They just take more time and editing and creativity than I have to give now.

The End

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