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Doctors, Don’t Make Work Harder: A List of Pet-Peeves

27 Jul

Inspired by fu(ked-Up Friday.  I clocked in at 6AM, actually got a 40 minute lunch, and clocked out at 6:27PM.  With a lot lot of frenzy and frustration in between.

The Girls Who Starts to Lose Her Cool

-When I come in early, don’t gripe about the tasks I chose to do.

-if you want me to do a certain task, on my extra time, ask me.

-Don’t push icky things and unwanted tasks to the next day because you’re not there to deal with them

-don’t schedule things early, then show up on time or late.

-show up on time

-don’t bring personal pets on an already busy/over-scheduled/short-staffed day

-don’t bring your kids to work, lets your kids help at work , or spend an extraordinary amount of time with your kids while working

-realize what we have already accomplished before you bothered to show up

-don’t treat me like “your people.”


-don’t expect me to do things you’re not willing to do

-don’t keep us running around with your tasks then gripe when mundane things aren’t getting finished–drawers aren’t stocked or things aren’t ordered.

-be cognizant of the time

-don’t be all perfectionistic when we are overwhelmed and already behind

-don’t expect everything to be finished already

-don’t expect us to do everything by ourselves (that should take 2), then be a baby and require a helper (for things that can be done alone)


-don’t “delegate” your work to me when I’m already overwhelmed

-don’t require me to open your charts, request lab work, or put in charges–then do it too (making a double).

-don’t act like you are the busiest one, when you are overwhelmed only because of your own time mismanagement/lateness

-don’t ask me to do crazy tasks (fix the doppler/call Cornerstone for an hour/write new forms) on a busy day

-don’t assign a million tasks during the lunch hours so we get shorted or miss our lunches–then leave to get your own full lunch

-don’t leave for lunch if there are drop offs, treatments, pick ups, procedures, or surgeries that need to be done.

-communicate what you want

-don’t expect me to read minds

-don’t get mad/lecture/yell at me when I just didn’t know or couldn’t read minds

-don’t put us on hold by being indecisive about what lab you want

-don’t get mad when something is forgotten because you were indecisive so we couldn’t write it down.

-if a phone call is holding up patient treatments–make the phone call.  Yourself, and right now.

-don’t chat (to friends/family/us/in an appointment/on the phone) when we are behind

-don’t offer to do unscheduled extraneous tasks when we are behind.

-don’t save everything until the last minute.

-don’t underestimate the time you need to accomplish tasks

-don’t criticize the job we do when your time mismanagement is what caused it in the first place.

-don’t tack on “quick” appointments or procedures when we are fully booked/overbooked/already behind.

-be aware of how long clients are waiting, and move faster when need be.

-if you are unavailable for questions, don’t get mad when we have to make decisions without your input

-don’t take the time to write out a to-go home sheet when only prescriptions (w/labels) are the only things going home.  It’s redundant and time-consuming.

-if you are slow/behind relinquish some control and let us help–don’t dig in your heels and make everyone wait for you.

-don’t get snippy with us, when you cause the chaos in the first place.

-don’t agree to procedures or surgeries that keeps everyone at work without checking with the staff that will be affected.

-clean up after yourself!

-don’t gripe about staying late when it’s your doing and your own fault (and when we come in early)

-don’t pawn off your work on to me–because you have to drive farther–I didn’t choose where you live and work.

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