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I Want to Like “Rolling Stone”

29 Jul

Because I love music, enjoy listening to it, and want to find out about artists I haven’t heard before. Especially with the combination of Spotify, where all music is right at my fingertips for free.  Here is a hurried post of an old draft.  I guess editing will have to be omitted.  And a conclusion?  Not happening this morning.  We will return to our regularly scheduled writing tomorrow–if I have time.

But I do not like “Rolling Stone’s” portrayal of women. And I’m not sure why the magazine is geared toward men–Despite Our Differencesas if women don’t listen to (or participate in) music.  This casting of women as baby dolls or objects is tiresome, and I would think a major publication could be beyond such trivial matters as gender.

Also, I feel like some of the interviews are predatory.  Like the writer is trying to get a certain controversial or illicit sound-bite from the person.  It mostly makes me feel bad for whoever the focus of the article is–having to be on guard and wary like that.  I would be a terrible celebrity, unable to censor my words and temper my true feelings.  So I feel bad Taylor Swiftfor them.  Also, I don’t think those articles make very moving stories.  Of course, Charlie Sheen is rebellious and sloppy.  John Mayer is an arrogant, former hipster on reform, and Taylor Swift is a girlie, goodie-two-shoes, with an edge when it comes to break-up songs.  The readers already know all of that.  I want something real–not just repetition of the stereotypes.  The magazine doesn’t do a very good job in this area.

What I do like are some of the political pieces.  Not all the partison stuff, but factual research stories.  I saw one on drones, another on the last American POW, and these are amazing.  They are educational, without being totally biased, and motivate action.