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Well, I’m 30. Did I Meet Resolutions?

31 Jul

WaterSutro Pool Party 005

-fail, fail, fail!

I was terrible at drinking any water.  I managed on a couple days at most to drink 2 cups.  This, in part, was just not thinking about it.  I didn’t plan for it, or having hydration in my mind.  I was busy, my routine changed up, which threw me off.  Also, I was drinking other things (juice, tea, energy drinks, coffee, wine, beer) instead.


-fail, fail, fail!

I was there too much–I’ll never trade again, OR work a Thursday if I can help it.  I also did not maintain a cheerful demeanor.  Thirdly, I let the stress eat me alive.



We have been really working to accomplish some goals.  Things are getting there.  Massage was not happening, because the temperatures were too hot for touching.  This still needs work, but wasn’t terrible.



Surprisingly, my nemesis of evening tiredness did not inhibit nightly flossing, nor did my messed up schedule.  Yay success!


-fail, fail (not bad enough for a third fail)

Partially, this was relaxed for my big 30th b-day wine trip.  Also, we had to practice tasting wine beforehand.  Beer had to be consumed on Independence Day.  Then, well, the stress and wanting to relax from work got to me.  BUT there was nothing abusive about the consumption.  It remained responsible and reasonable and calorically in balance.  So I guess intentional fail.  Next month I’m back to the goal.

Runningmeez dress


I went when I could without struggle.  I didn’t have enough time off to go as much as I want/need.  The heat made it difficult as well–we had to be at the track no later than 7AM and preferably by 6AM in order not to melt.  My performance was.  Capital T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E.  My mental strength was weak, and I am disappointed in my times.  I’m working to correct this one in a big way now that I’m part-time again.



Bad, because of my birthday trip.  But, hello–30 is a milestone, so it had to be done.  Also, unfortunate because in the summer all 3 undergrad loans come out of forbearance and I don’t have that current school loan to help.  BUT all those extra work hours at least off-set this somewhat.  Now I have to stop procrastinating on making phone calls to my school and all my loan companies (which I HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE making) to get the funding set up for the coming school year.  HATE making these tedious phone calls and jumping through all the hoops!  I will make myself do it though!

I will do better next month!

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