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The Difference

2 Aug

Ahhhh–it’s Friday, and I don’t want to KILL.  Feels good.  I write so many bad things about Friday–the day I dread every, single week.  The day that makes me most stressed, worried, annoyed, and tired.  I thought I should write how I had a good day.  Even though there’s less to write about when things work out OK.  There’s no real story in it:  I went to work, and everyone came in early, made smart choices, worked hard, and we were crazy-busy, without falling into chaos and ill-tempers.  Not all that interesting, is it?

I’ll elaborate where the line between a bad day and a good day is drawn.

It’s not the time spent at work that makes me exhausted, apparently.  I spent MORE time working today.  I think it must be the ridiculousness that usually wears me out.  When people I work with are short-tempered or push their work off on to me.  When things are busy at work, because someone didn’t do their job appropriately.  Or when I’m stressing out about how long a client that scheduled their appointment a week prior is having to wait a disproportionate amount of time to be seen b/c some non-client watched a sick animal for a week, needed in “right now,” didn’t get scheduled for a drop off, and the doctor is taking forever chatting.  When I’m forced to stay late when it could be put off or have to do something that got squeezed on unnecessarily.  It must be those things that make me tired–just from being stressed and irate.

Obviously, veterinary medicine is unpredictable.  Owners will walk in without appointments, people will watch their animal then need in that same day, and procedures need doing suddenly–I get that.  It’s not what makes me mad.  How we deal with that has to make sense, that’s all.  I think if good judgement is used–and EVERYone of us deals with the same consequences it’s fine.  I have no problem working hard.  And no problem being very busy AT work, and even no problem going in early, missing lunch, or staying late–as long as it’s unavoidable stuff, everyone is in the same boat, and a little appreciation is shown.  Makes all the difference in the world.

So there you have it–a great Friday, where I’m not mad/frustrated/annoyed/stressed/worried about one single thing.  Let’s hope it’s not a fluke. . .

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