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Would You Choose to be Gay?

3 Aug

A lot of haters hate because they feel being gay is a choice.  It’s not.  I never made a decision to be gay.  I made a decision to be open about who I already was, instead of hiding and being unhappy my whole life.  The gay part wasn’t something I got to decide–it’s who I’ve always been.

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Cool and I got in a fight because she said she would not take a pill that would make her straight.  I can’t understand that.  Why wouldn’t I want an easier life?  Why wouldn’t I want to be seen as normal in society?  Get every right that married couple takes for granted?  I would want to be straight for the statistical reasons alone–only 10% of the population is gay.  If I were straight, I would have so many more choices about who to date and marry.  I could have someone hot, and lovely, AND rich.    Also, I would be acceptable in every situation and have all rights and financial assets that stem from a heterosexual relationship.  Why wouldn’t I want that?

Cool says she would stay gay–it’s who she is.  But I don’t want to have a more difficult life.  I have enough trouble in life, without the added stress of being gay.  And sure, I love Cool, but everything would be better if I were in the majority. . .