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Get My Head in the Game

6 Aug

That’s what I need to do.  I have exactly 12 more days of summer.  And three of them are full days of work, two of them are Saturdays of work, one of them is yard sale drugery, and of course the Sunday before school starts will be a day of preparation and worry.  So that leaves me about 6.5 days left for real summer stuff.  I’m determined to make the most of the time.  Nobody and nothing is going to ruin it for me.

I’m going to try to be outside as much as possible while I still can.  Maybe we can go to Silverwood or the lake.  I need to make those running PRs.  I’ll finish my clogging dance.  I’ll finish all the books I’m reading.  I’ll work at least a full 30 min every day on outlining Aural Rehab.  Also, I’ll make a concerted effort to briefly look at my flashcards on work days especially.  

But, I’m also dreading when my “free” time is over.  And that won’t do me any good.  I love that school gets me closer to my ultimate goals–get a big girl career and move to Colorado.  That’s what I need to remember instead of thinking about losing summer.  I need to get into the right frame of mind and become excited for class.  After all, I get to take my first 2 hearing-related classes!  I must get ready to sponge up knowledge by priming my attention span and strengthening my mind.  Operation get in to study mode, while still enjoying summer has commenced.  This is easier said then done.  I think I’ll make a desirable schedule–I’m a planner.

My schedule will be much the same as last spring.  I’ll work Friday, Saturday, Monday, and a teeny bit Wednesday morning.  On work days, I’ll do a little bit of flashcards or study sheets (on the treadmill) before my shower.  Study flashcards at lunch, and try to go to sleep early.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will belong to school and studying.  I’ll wake up and study until Cool gets up.  We will run either at the track or on the treadmill.  I’ll study more.  We’ll eat lunch together.  I want to walk to class until the weather turns, studying flashcards as I go.  After class, I’ll study and do projects.  I’ll make time to stretch before bed, and read at least a little bit for enjoyment every night before sleep.

Sunday is ours.  Nothing scheduled, no time constraints.

And for the fun stuff of school:  I need to get a couple of notebooks.  Pack my backpack.  Pick my first day of school outfit.  Good-times.  Now, off to outline–then read for fun.

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