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Beee Careful

9 Aug

Wanna hear a funny, meaning ironic story?

Cool and I are on the patio and the bees are flying around our food.  Cool is doing that annoying, girlie, flapping and running from the bees.  I hate when gals do that!  I told her just to sit still, the bees just want to taste the sugar on our drinks.  Stop flapping, because they will only sting if provoked.


After all the bees at lunch today–I saw a bee in our bathroom at home. This was hours later and a mile from the patio we walked to.  Our apartment doors are shut, and the sliding glass door has a screen–I have no idea how it got inside.  Anyway, the bee flew into the light.  I thought maybe it would sizzle in there, but it didn’t.  Then I just left him, thinking without any bee-stuff inside it would eventually just die on it’s own.  And I thought good thing Cool isn’t here because she would freak.

bee 2


Three hours later, I’m quietly reading in bed, my body under the sheets.  I feel a terrible bite/sting. I mean, I called out “No, No, Nooo!”  The fucking bee somehow ended up IN bed with me–and though I was unmoving the little shit stung me–2 times. Fucker! And now it hurts like a bitch. I took a benadryl a second ago, but the shit hurts!  It felt like repeated stings even after I launched out of bed.

And I squished that bee’s body bad–little mofo.

bee honey comb

Bee stings are no joke.  I’m glad if it stung anyone in my family it was me.  Cool is a petal with no pain tolerance, and I’m certain just heaing this story will make her phobic enough.  And I’m not sure how the kitties would have reacted–it hurt!  I slept restlessly (despite Promethazine, anti-nausea for my antibiotics and Benadryl) because the sting near my knee felt like any joint with inflammation.

bee 3

This stuff is just my luck–as you can see I’m having an especially bad week.