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14 Aug

I hate Trader Joe’s. There, I said it. I find it, inconveniently located, small, crowded, expensive, pretentious, and did I mention crowded?

Some of the items are good, but I think we could easily find most of them elsewhere–or do without.  Grocery Outlet has a better cheese section, that’s the truth.  And a MUCH bigger wine and beer section.  I was supremely UNimpressed with TJ’s wine & beer. . .

I might get some things if someone else would actually do the shopping.  I can’t tolerate such cramped, busy quarters, myself.  I wanted to leave immediately, as I suffered claustrophobia inside there.  And that was just from all the employees!  How many lesbians do they need to staff at once?  I think I saw 12 people working on a Wednesday at 2PM.  Five of them lez.  

The checker was very concerned about the “bloated” pizza dough bag. I hadn’t noticed, nor could I really tell a difference when she addressed it.  What I didn’t tell her was that as a Grocery Outlet shopper, anything (bloated or not) was a step up from what I’m used to. We literally stepped over poop on the floor during our last Grocery Outlet run, and proceeded to shop.  But she pressed so much I just let her do what she wanted and call an employee over with a new one.

You won’t get ME back in there, that’s for sure.