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Last Day of Summer

18 Aug

And how did it fly by so fast?

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Just a short note to say I’m sorry about disappearing for the last couple of days and share some intentions.

I ran 4.5 miles this morning, went grocery shopping, fi–nally finished the choreography to my clogging dance, cooked some meals ahead, printed my outlines, printed some (not all yet) of my class lecture notes, and packed my backpack.  And there’s still more to do. . .

I feel under-prepared for school this semester–compared to last year’s ultra-preparedness at least.  Seems like while I was getting a jump on school last summer, I was trying to squeeze every last drop of fun out of this summer.  Hopefully, it will work out OK though.  I think a change in work schedule will help quite a huge amount in that endeavor.  Cross your fingers that happens for me.

I may be MIA on the posting next week, as I want to do everything right to establish a productivity-maximizing schedule for myself, and it’s the first 2 weeks that count most.  I’m going to try to walk to class, study flashcards, draw anatomy, make study sheets, run, hula-hoop, stretch, read for pleasure, and write on non-work days.  Wish me luck.