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Who Can Concentrate on Studying, Anyway?

19 Aug

Not me after waking at 5AM, getting to work at 6:30AM, going to class at noon, going baaack to work at 2:30PM, and finally getting home at 5:45PM.  I can’t even focus enough to heat the dinner Cool was nice enough to make me.  So hard-core study in the morning, that’s the plan.

Today, I was able to get the power-points online.  I was not late.  I didn’t get lost.  I wasn’t in the wrong class.  I wasn’t called out as the new, unknown student by any professor.  There were no torrential rain storms or blizzards.  In short, that makes it my best first day at Riverpoint yet.

Walking about-July 2012 038

I get to take audiology-related courses this time, so I’m super excited for that.  I’m not sure how this lecture went, because the professor talked about herself for 25 minutes, so we barely got into the notes.

When I first saw her I thought my prof. looked like a lady that appeared at the all-weather track yesterday.  Normally, when anyone else comes to the track, Cool and I leave.  I never know what is the school’s classes or sports, and we don’t really belong.

BUT yesterday, I was this-close to being finished with a pyramid workout (run 1 mile, walk 200 m, run 800 m, walk 200 m, run 400 m, walk 200 m, run 400 m, walk 200 m, run 800 m, walk 200 m, run 1 mile) and some gal showed up.  But I had just finished she 2nd lap of my final 800 m, and you can see why I didn’t want to stop short after getting that far in the thing.  And the lady had a dog with her.  And you know how people that own all weather tracks have a hizzy if you wear the wrong shoes, even, so we knew she didn’t really belong there either.

Anyway, as I finished up, she sat on the bench for 3(?) of my laps.  Then her and her dog went to lane 8 and ran.  Since we were going the same direction, I didn’t get the best look at her.  I just thought she must be fighting some sort of injury, because her pace was fairly slow, and she had a limp on her right side.  She ran maybe 2 laps (dog off leash) then left.  And she left right when I finished my last mile, so if she was waiting it would have been 2 more minutes.

So when I first saw my instructor, I thought SHE looked similar to the runner.  But then I thought it probably wasn’t.  As she talked more and more though, I wondered.  She was going on and on about how she partakes in water sports.  And how she cycles.  How she did the Seattle to Portland ride and around Lake Tahoe.  So I thought, well, maybe. . .  She’s obviously active.  But when she said her husband works at the school where the track is located. . .  So maybe.  Maybe I hogged the track when my prof. wanted a jog with her dog.  Hopefully, she didn’t recognize me.

Time will tell.