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Schedule Adjustments

22 Aug

After putting my original plan in practice, I realized that a couple of things will have to change.

1.  I can’t walk to my Tues/Thurs class.  The smaller reason being the heat is intense just a little later in the day when that class meets.  The bigger reason:  I have to rush to find a seat more than 40 minutes earlier then class begins.  The rooms capacity is 80, and my class is comprised of 96 students.  Today, I showed up 40 minutes early, and still had to settle for a 5th row seat.  I like to sit on an aisle in the 2nd row or at very least 3rd.  So I’ll just drive, then study the flashcards in my seat the hour before class starts.

2.  I can’t run at 6AM on the mornings I don’t work.  It’s just 60 degrees and my legs feel tight the entire time.  I also have to wear a jacket to run.  All of that slows me down.  So I’ll get up, study very first thing in the morning, and try to be at the track at 7:15AM.  If those gals are still running at 8AM, I might even have to go at 9:30AM–hopefully I won’t lose all my motivation by then.

3.  My work schedule will change!!!!!!!!!  I am so relieved and thankful.  Like, really a lot.  This is such good news, and will help me in so many ways.  I just hope the change is applied very soon.  When that happens, I’ll work every morning.  And things will go like this:

-wake up early



-Run? hmmm, I didn’t think about when this will fit in. . .

-Eat lunch w/Cool

-study flashcards while walking to class/fighting for a seat in class






So when will I run?  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for sure.  I may lose the other days though 😦