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George, Washington

31 Aug

Gorge Ampitheatre 2Site of the Gorge, of course.  And tomorrow is Labor Dave Weekend for us.

I said I wasn’t going.  And I didn’t wanna slum on the lawn.  Because once you’ve you’ve had legit seats, toward the front, with upstanding people and clean(er) bathrooms–it’s difficult to go back.  Literally back.

I will be annoyed.  People talk, and goof around back there.  Everyone is crammed in.  And you can’t see well.  BUT, if you live in Washington state, AND you get a real 3 day weekend away from work–you have to go.  I’d be sad if I didn’t.  Once I move I would regret it if I hadn’t taken advantage of every Gorge concert I DMB gorge sax yetticould have.  So in the interest of the future, and as a nice break from work and school–we’re going.  Horrible, stressful work.

We will hike in the middle of the state.  And hopefully see the petroglyphs and a waterfall.  We’ll have a pic-nik and pre-game tail-gaiting.  We will buy some merch.  And I’m not going to snag a good seat on the lawn and sit there holding it for 3 hours.  Because always some mofo will show up after the opening act and ask you to scoot over “just a little bit.”  And stomp on your blanket.  And that stuff infuriates me.  So, since I can’t beat them–I will join them!  I’m going to be the DMB Sothhavenone that gets on the lawn 2 minutes pre-show and shames someone to scoot over “just a little.”

In preparation, we made out set-list wish-lists.  And who ever has most of the songs DMB plays get merch bought by the other.  Hopefully, I will win.  Anyway, there’s the quick run-down of the concert goings-ons.  I’ll be sure to post after we’ve seen the show!!!!