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My Attention Span

10 Sep

Calls for another list.  Maybe as much as paragraphs.

*I thought I liked “Portlandia” because it makes fun of (crazy) Oregon, but maybe it’s already stale on episode 6.  I feel it’s more of a sketch comedy now, then finding different aspects of Oregon (weed?  anti-vaccine?) to mock.  I’ll give it another short chance before I give up on it.

*Where did Aimee Mann come from, how has she been on the scene so long, and why am I just now hearing about her?  I saw her play herself as a maid on “Portlandia” and she seems like one cool gal.  Like a 1990’s coffee-house kinda vibe.  Apparently, she was popular in the 1980s. . .  I’m listening to her now as I type this, and before when I was re-writing my class notes.

*The above re-writing of notes is not (just) an OCD thing–I promise!  This instructor uses over-head sheets and random organization during lecture.  So my notes are not only ugly, and unbearable to study, but scribbled unpon and difficult to decipher.  As a means of getting it all in a form I can understand in the future, and studying, I write them in outline form right after class.

*I was paranoid about my stupid short paper.  I cited my sources, which you should always, always do on a formal (college) paper, but I fret no one else did.  Also, I did NOT count the citations in my word count.  And because I included one (10 word) statistic, my paper went over max-length by 9 words.  So it looks all crazy and long, and I hope they don’t take the time to do an exact count, and I really hope they don’t take off a ton of points for over-shooting the length.

*I have this terrible habit of avoiding eye contact and mumbling.  It’s partially, from work, where I’m legit busy with my hands and multi-tasking most of the time (exp:  asking about appetite while I’m down on the floor weighing a cat), but it’s also from shyness.  And maybe some sort of anti-social aversion?  I offered to take everyone’s assignment to the prof after class and noticed myself awkwardly averting my gaze like some sort of serial killer or something.  I need to keep mindful of this in casual situations, because I know I don’t do it in formal instances like a job interview.

*Speaking of jobs, my boss gave me a timeline (finally!) of most assuredly before the semester and probably before the end of October for my schedule change!  I will be counting the hours until I’m off of Fridays!!!!!!!!!

*I feel like I’m doing a little better with studying, but at the cost of running.  It seems like whatever I do first in the day is the KIND of day I am going to have.  If I work first, the day is wasted with work tiredness.  If I run first, it’s a fitness day.  When I study, it’s a productive school day.  I’m not sure why this is, or how I can feel accomplished at all three on the same day. . .

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