The Grass Is. . . Brown and Wilted

16 Sep

Here’s an old draft to tide you over, my patient audience.  Exam 1 is finished so hopefully, all this crazy in my life will settle and I’ll be more consistent.  I have a doozy of a post very soon!

OK, I’m having a rough time at work.  And the more I’m there, the more I generally do.  But who am I to complain?  Things could be a LOT worse!  Here is a list of jobs that are far worse than mine:

Coal Mining:

-sure, it’s -$60,000-100,000 for work inside the mines, but

-Dangerous!  Life threatening

-long (min 1 hr) commute

-no sun 6 days a week
-can’t see 4″ in front of face
-20 degrees colder
1.5 mi down below surface
-shovel coal for 8 hr days
-no scheduled lunch break–10 min lunch
-coal dust + methane released = 1 spark is a dangerous explosion

-unscrupulous companies that save money by forgoing safety features.
-blk lumgs

-no retirement plan or sick leave when you get black lung and it’s not safe to be exposed to the mines anymore.

Poultry Farm:


-long hours


-hot (birds need about 80 degree temps)


-a main job is walking through and picking up dead bird bodies

-must work fast

Migrant Farm Worker:

-no stability

-seasonal work

-direct sun for hours

-skin cancer

-being hunched over for hours



-at the mercy of weather

-long, long hours


-no benefits

-no regulations/standards

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