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My Morning Jacket

19 Sep

Had to be a lucky one.  My new Dave Matthews Band one I got at the Gorge to be specific.

Here’s why:

I wake up at 3:50 AM very tired (that’s expected) having to pee.  It’s worse to get caught in the middle of a sleep cycle, and there’s no sense in going back to sleep for 10 min so I wake myself up.  But I wait until 4 to go to the living room to study–because any earlier is insane-o-clock.  The cats look unusually sleepy.  The microwave says 3:08.  Did the power go out during last night’s storm and mess up the setting?  VCR says 3:11.  Uh oh.  My computer confirms 3:11.  I’m up at crazy-o-clock.  I look at my bedroom alarm clock–and it does indeed say 4:13 AM.  Somehow, it is set on Mountain time, not Pacific.  Groan.  What a way to start my exam day–an unintentinal hour earlier then REALLY early.  I can’t go back to sleep now, so I go to the kitchen for lots of coffee hoping I won’t be too tired before or during my exam.

Lifting the already-made pot, I begin to pour it in my tall mag.  There are circles on the top. . .  What is. . .  *sigh* it’s mold.  Of course.  The coffee is all moldy and I’m really too tired to make a brand new batch–besides the coffee grinder would wake poor cool–at 3 AM.  This morning is really starting to suck.

I attempt to study, but feel tired.  I don’t know how I’ll get through work and make it to my exam, let along take the thing with clear mind.  Not great–especially after inadequate weekend studying.  I can never get away with anything!  One weekend of being a little unbuckled and I’m paying a big price with bad morning karma to boot.  I’m in trouble.

I shower, dress, and look for my watch.  The 6th watch purchased this year.  The only one that hasn’t broken after a week or less.  It’s not in its proper spot.  Did I leave it in my travel-caboodle?  No.  Unpacked and empty.  Is it in my toiletries?  Nope–all is neatly put in their boxes lined on the shelves.  Did it fall into my duffel during the drive home?  Nope.  Empty, unpacked, and stowed in the closet.  I’m rooting around, growing later and later for work.  Damn!  Where is my watch?!  Not only will I need it for test-pacing purposes–I need it all day at work.  I text my boss even though it’s getting close to starting time at work and ask if she saw my watch.  No answer so I’m freaking out.  I constantly have to count heart rates and respirations as well as keep an eye on what appointment is coming, or what time surgery vitals should be recorded.  I’ll be lost without my watch–not to mention have to replace another one if it truly is gone.

–>–>There it is my horrible, pre-exam night and morning!  Good luck to me on the test *sarcasm*

Final edition:  THE exam.